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Flashing, waving, snobbery

Paul Western

New member
11 Sep 2004
In all the years I have owned Porsche models, I seen evidence of what sometimes makes me a little ashemed of Porsche ownership.

I own a 993 (daily hack) a Boxster (wifes hack) and a 944 (trackday disposable fun).

If I am in the 993, some of the Porsche owners I flash when I see them come the other way, will flash back.. about one in 5, perhaps 2 in five... Boxsters rarely flash back.

If I am in the Boxster, I would say 1 in 20 people flash back, normally only 996 owners.

If I am in the 944, only 944 and 924 owners flash me back, never any others (except one 356, but I think that was a kit car!)

So what does everyone here do? do you flash back or wave? would you flash back to a boxster or a 944?

The amount of times I have been in the 944, flashed someone in a less than tidy 911SC, only to have them physically turn their nose up at me and toss their head to look the other way!!.. Made me want to go home and get the 993 to return the gesture!

Is it just me? is it just Bournemouth and poole? or is it that 911 series Porsche owners look down on the 944 and feel above them?



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Be interesting to see what other responses you get.

My take is that most 996 and Boxster owners aren't enthusiasts: they're just driving a nice car.

Should get better response from owners of air-cooled and from classic water-cooled, especially 924 and 944.

But I was passed on the M40 by a 944 whose owner never glanced in the direction of my lovely 993. And ditto on the M6 by a 964.

There's a whole range of folk out there...

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I wave to every porsche I see, while in the porsche.

Must be nice having three :wink:

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It is until you need to take something to the dump! or want to collect or move something big.

The boxster is for the wife, my reasoning being that if she has one, she can never complain about my one.

The 993 is my day to day toy, offset (kinda) by the car above..

The 944 is my track toy and for being a general hooligan on country lanes... my excuse is it means the 993 does not get ruined!

As a plan, it all seems to work out quite well.. Until you want to collect something big or take some garden waste down to the dump, or buy some DIY stuff... I could do with a car just for that kind of use.



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It's great having one!!!!!!!! 8)

BMW3 , Opel Manta Series A, Seat Alhambra, Ford Ranger (make me an offer!)

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I think MaxyM is right.

Of the people I know (and a lot of the 996 turbos seem to be in our area) who own the top end 996's most seems to have bought a brand/statement. This is probably an awful generalisation but I can only think of one acquaintance (996 C4S with aero kit and sports pack) for whom having a Porsche is more important than having a 996.

Problem is, I wouldn't count as enthusiast either as current car is my first.

Do however receive lots of waves and enjoy meeting other Porsches on the road.

Anyway, someone has to but them a pay for the depreciation ....

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I remmember reading a reader's letter in 911 & PW a while ago who deviced a classification for flashing/waving. You only flash/wave to your own class or below unless waved/flashed at by class above. Not to be taken seriously I know but seems to be indicative of what happens on the road.

I tend to lift my fingers up from the wheel, so it won't look too obvious if I don't get a wave back. But if I get a flash/wave from the other car first I always wave+/-flash back like a mad man! I rarely wave to or receive waves from Boxster/996.

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I have only been waved at once in my 996 C2!!! BUT when I was a 19 year old student and was into aircooled VW's, 1200's 1303S's and a '71 Dormobile Conversion Camper I used to be waving ALL DAY LONG! No snobbiness in aircooled VW owners!

Personally I love all Porsches, but I in particular I really lilke Boxsters - first decent car for me. The other day, I was minding my own business cruising along when at a set of traffic lights a Boxster pulled up beside me, I always get excited when a Porsche pulls up - the enthusiast in me - I ALWAYS open the window just enough to hear the aircooled cars : ) BUT on this particular occasion, - as I was sorting of checking out his car - in admiration I will add - bu when the driver and I exchanged looks he gave me the dirtiest look I've had in a long time!!! STUPID PRAT, felt like taking his keys from him and saying you're in the wrong car mate!

I think enthusiasts like ALL Porsches but POSERS are always on a trip and are gutted when a car nicer than theirs appears.

In the US, I only had good experiences - mostly cabriolets over there as you all know but I was ALWAYS waved to by people in the 2002 Boxster! At traffic lights people would always say cool car or something and in car parks often strike up conversations about Porsches or their desire.

Sorry to go on but I had a really nice experience the other day here in Tokyo, I was a bit lost and decided to ask a cop in a police box - I was parked in a really bad spot near the Emporers Palace and was holding up traffic - I told him and apologied and he said ' oh is that your Porsche?' I couldn't believe he could tell it was a Porsche cos it was hidden behind a high wall, just the nose stuck out a wee bit, I said - you know your cars and he said - there is only ONE SPORTS CAR - how can you NOT recognize it and when pulled away he stepped out from his Police box and gave me full salute!

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Today I had to pop out at lunch and went down the back roads around Twyford to Wokingham (Berkshire). En route, a 996 of some descrip joined up behind me and we had a little bit of fun (Within the speed limits I might add) for a few miles. When we parted company I was flashed and waved, so I waved back. First time this has happened, but it made me smile !

Maybe I will give a wave (or lift my fingers up from the wheel) at the nice Silver 993 on the way to work that I see from time to time and see what happens.

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If the nice 993 you mention you see occasionally is whilst you are travelling towards Maidenhead on the Bath Road I can guarantee you'll get a wave back :)

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Will keep an eye out for you. Crumbs a 996 waving at a 993. Is that proper ! :wink:

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993 can wave to 996 only if 996 wave first! :wink:

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Never been (that I've noticed) and never have waved at another Porsche owner - just didn't seem right - my feeling is that they are relatively "common". Lotus owners on the other hand - it would be considered very rude not to wave! Plus there's no model restrictions, everyone can join in!

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