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FIXED - PRND1234 only light up when side lights are on???


14 Apr 2013
Hi all,

So i removed one of the number plate bulbs and one of the interior bulbs as they were both blown and have ordered some LED ones.

Started the car today and the D1234 etc markers were not lighting when i changed gear? I then turned the sidelights on and they lit up? Normally they light with no lights on, but not now. Is this related to the two bulbs being removed?? Seems odd to me.. Any ideas??

Hi Lig.
Maybe put the bulbs back and see if the tip lights come back on. Can't imagine that would be the cause though.

Alternatively disconnect the battery for a few minutes to reset your tip ecu.
I've just had a quick look at the wiring diagram: :eek:

It appears that each of the gear indicators in the speedo has a direct connection to the tip controller - I can't see anything that could directly cause the symptoms described.

Which interior bulb have you removed? Could you have dislodged anything related?

Do the indicator lights normally dim when the side/headlights are on? It's quite possible that the tip controller is designed to have them at full brightness during the day, and dim them at night - that might explain why turning the sidelights on makes the indicator spring into life (ie: the daylight, full power drive circuitry isn't working).

Note that the above is complete guesswork - mine's manual. Any other tip owners care to comment?

As Rialas said above, it might be worth disconnecting the battery (or pulling the tip fuse) for a few minutes to reset the controller...
Hi all and thanks for your responses.....

I put the interior bulb back in and it didn't work.. Checked the fuse and it had blown (fuse 11 - Interior lights), so new fuse and hey presto the PRND1234 lights when ignition on so these must be classed as interior lights!


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