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Fitting Indicator switch


New member
5 May 2003
Hi, me again.

right then, I,ve now got a new indicator / flasher switch for my 1979 LHD 911 SC

gawd dam, how many wires are under the dash!

any tips on fitting?

I know basicly just take my time, swap wire for wire etc, anything else to note?



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This is easy-peasy . Take off the steering wheel, (remembering to have the wheels dead straight) unscrew the horn wire, (take notes on where the screws go and what wire goes where it's easy to forget) The plastic surrounds by the stalks unscrew from the sides.
Follow the leads from the old switch into the under dash harness, cut the cable tidies if any ( buy some more to keep things neat ) and just plug in the new harness where you took the old one out from. Tidy up and screw it back together. You will find unused wires under there don't worry that is normal.
Good luck just take your time.

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Spot on description, I have mine to tackle shortly. I would just add to disconnect your battery before starting.

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good point I'm crap at remembering that one . Consequently I have no hair left!

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W-HEY! job done, but what a pain in the arse- well, pain in my back and neck anyway.

High beam now works.

Thanks guys

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