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First trackday


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13 Nov 2002
Hi all, I did my first Porsche trackday at the weekend. It was at Elvington Airfield and Porsche only so I always thought it would be a good starting point from the point of veiw of large run-offs and comparable machines.

What a fantastic experience. The 911 proved completely reliable (with the exception of boiling the brake fluid towards the end) and endured 27 5.2 mile laps (!) through the course of the day. It handled like a dream and, given it's reputation, I was surprised as to how much you could get away with. I regularly got lairy slides at anything upto 105mph, which really has to be felt to be believed (my Mum even enjoyed it as passenger!) and providing you keep on the gas with a reasonable amount of opposite lock it could be caught. Once I knew the circuit it was easier to keep pushing, as I was determined to find the limits. Speeds through the corners were amazing - 120 through a chicane and maxxing at around 130ish on the back straight before braking down to 40 for the tighest complex. The most spectacular point was an 85mph spin with my Father-in-Law in the car!!

By the end of the day I was up with the best of them (even passed a 996 C4S!!) and only a few dedicated track cars were significantly quicker. It's certainly changed my mind about the 3.2.

The down side? £50 in fuel (just on the track!) and completely destroying my (new) tyres!! It was a very abrasive surface and the outer edges of the rears are bald and the fronts literally have lumps out of them.



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Well done mate ! Fun isn't it ! Now starts the slippery slope known as 'fettling' ! Before you know it you'll be remortgaging the children to buy that super-tweeked thingumy that will give you 0.001 seconds round a lap ..........


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Good write-up! It sounds like you had a great time.

Looks like you could do with some stiffer supsension based on your photos though! Go on. You know it makes sense!


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Hmm, does look like that. Picture1 however is quite deceptive- this is the exit of a right hand bend in 3rd at about 85mph, just as the rear tyres started to give in!! It was easy to catch with a little opposite lock so I repeated it each lap!! On this basis I think the suspension did pretty well, certainly felt good in the car. I can feel a weight loss programme coming on though (for me as well!!)


Look at the state of this..



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Ouch! PAinful to think what that poor tyre has been though. :wink:

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