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First TIme 911 sc buyer

wayne williams

New member
29 Nov 2004

I am in the process of seeking out a 911 sc to start my Porsche ownership. To start off on the right foot, I am aware of rust issues etc but I am struggling to find info on the power output of these babies.

I have seen quotes of 180bhp and others showing 204bhp - are there 2 models?

If so, does anybody know how to distinguish the 2?

P.S love the forum - some lucky people on here with some beautiful cars.


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They did upgrade the power of the SC during its life, from 180 to 204, think it was in 1981 model year, i.e. cars built from August 1980 onwards. A quick way to tell the difference is that the 204bhp models have side indicators on the front wings, whereas the earlier ones don't - assuming the wings haven't been changed !!


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Also on the later 204 bhp models they have the flush fitting headlamp washer jets as opposed to the ones on the older models which stick up about an inch and a half. I bought my first porsche, a 78 911 sc about 3 months ago and i love it! Rust is an issue, they all seem to have amounts in the door shuts where the water pools at the bottom, unless they've already been repaired. Another common place is at the bottom corners of the windscreen and also on the inner wings. The inner wings can simply be checked by removing the carpets in the front luggage compartment. I wouldn't be put off too much by it as long as you,re prepared to spend a bit of cash on the car, if not expect to pay top money cos someone else has already spent theirs on it! I was more concerned about service history, and whether the vehicle has had the engine rebuilt recently or not which fortunately mine has.

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Pick mine up tomorrow. Can't wait. Spent a year looking and doing research. Pick up my lovely 80k mile swiss 3.0 sc tomorrow full leather elec sunroof turbo fusch alloys. Full main dealer history. The good thing after all the searching around the country this one turns up 20 miles from my doorstep. All i will say is just keep searching. I some dogs along the way just be patient.

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It takes a couple of weeks to get used to the handling but when you do it's the most exhilirating feeling as you just sling shot your way out of those tight corners.

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I would also recomend buying Peter Morgans 911 sc buying guide, it is a very useful tool. I ordered mine from 911 porsche world magazine.

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