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First time 911 owner


New member
2 Dec 2002
Well I've gone and done it! A 911 86 Carrera LHD.

How chuffed am I?

As I will be doing most of the servicing myself, can anyone give me any tips etc ? Please!

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Welcome to the world of Porsche!

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There is a book called "101 projects for your 911" which covers everything, highly recommended if your going to service it yourself.

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Well done Craig.

Your first job is to post pictures of it on this site!

Regarding servicing, there is a wealth of information on the internet although the book Gregsy mentioned above is meant to be excellent.

For web resources though try:

(which includes everything from oil changes and valve adjustments to engine rebuilds)


One of the most important, and most basic things for the DIYer though is changing the oil. There is a strict procedure which should be followed to avoid over-filling. It will be explained in detail at the above websites. (Even checking the oil is a little confusing - engine must be warm, car on the level)

Cheers, James

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1. do not drop dip stick into oil tank after checking oil level

2. never, ever, take your foot off the accelerator in the middle of a turn

3. when changing oil, make sure waste oil container holds at least 11 quarts, or else ... and stand back becuase the oil comes out with some force.

4. put a 7 amp fuse into the front condensor fan, otherwise your car may catch fire when the fan burns out

5. stop driving immediately if the alternator light comes on, becuase the fan belt may have broken and if you keep driving, your engine will melt in several minutes

6. check the area under the battery and see if the front suspension pan is corroded from battery acid; if it is, get it fixed, or you could lose a control arm mounting during a high speed turn (the voltage regulator eventuially fails and battery acid may boil up and out onto the forn suspension pan, so check the condition of the regulator; if it reads 17 volts across the terminal, your regulator is going ...)

7. change the gear shift bushings, and you will be surprised how much more precise the shifting will be; also replace the gear oil with Mobil 1 75w90

8. buy a copy of the Bentley manual for Carreras

9. get ready to replace the sunroof cables, they will break soon after you buy the car (see Bentley for how to do it)

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Great comments from John C.

May I also suggest starting a trust fund for keeping the Porsche on the road. With a late Carrera you may of course never need it and can spend the money on some other indulgence, but just to be on the safe side...

More seriously, LHD Carreras generally seem to be in better overall condition that similar year UK cars so enjoy - here comes the summer!

Al G

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