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First Real Life Boxster Coupe Photos !

Don't like the look of the rear quarterlights on the red car at all. On the black one they look a slightly different shape (or maybe it's just the angle ?). The black one looks seriously cool anyway. Bring on the Club Sport lightweight version - that will be a fantastic car.

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I have one on order an can't wait. But as Jamie says, I want a club sport version. I can sell the RS then and buy a Box Coupe and a Cup Car.

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Nice one Sundeep.

Sean - have they given you a delivery date or an indication when it goes on sale - any indication about price? As usual mainland Europe will get them first :lol:

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Don't like the small windows or the rear spoiler. Otherwise, it's cool.

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Never liked the old Boxster, but this coupe does look quite cool (minus the tacky spoiler) - wonder if thats the "S" version?

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I have always liked the Boxster - but wanted a steel roof - the new coupe looks great - if it is priced to compete with Nissan 350 / Audi TT etc. then Porsche will sell thousands of them !


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I was talking to a salesman at the OPC today about the boxster coup and he reckoned that cars will be on the road nov.'05. They're having a launch for the new boxster in nov. so I'll attend that to get more info.

Sean, presumably they've given you an indication of price - how does it compare with the roadster?

Ain't so sure about that spoiler either!


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Looks to me like the high rear protruding 'shoulder' is an effort to avoid looking like the more horizontal surface 'hip' of the 911. Stylistically bit of a dog's dinner I would have to say. Anybody else think this will steal 911 sales?


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Hmm. Touch of the Chrysler Crossfires from the back?

I'll reserve proper judgment until I see more/better pics or one in the flesh.

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I have to say, not impressed at the mo'. Should have kept the lines of the soft top with the roof up but in metal.

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looks like a cayenne cut in half, sumhow the front doesnt go with the curvacious rear, the headlights aren't cool at all,

the rear spoiler looks soo out of place, it should have been bigger, broader and wider.

the rims on the black one look kinda cheap.

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I like it, specified 'club sport' variant on my letters of intent, as Sean says that is the one to have!

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Has a club sport version been confirmed???? I really fancy one of those..........

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There will be a club sport. And prices are 3% higher than the equivalent roadster. Yeah I know coupes are usually cheaper than the roadster version, but not in this case.

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