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First post and hopefully my first Porsche


6 Sep 2005
Hi all,

I have been looking to buy a 2002/2003 996 Cabrio. My local dealer has a couple and it was really down to colour/spec. Then another has come in. It is an April 2004 car, 12000 km for only £3.5k more. The issue is that it has been in a minor accident. The owner managed to park it on a large stone which stoved in the front bumper and the bottom of the luggage area. So low speed and no chassis damage. It has been repaired by the Porsche dealer. So is it worth buying the newer one but knowing it has been in an accident or do I buy the two year old one. Any thoughts and opinions will be greatly received.


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DW, if buy a car thats been in an accident you may have some cautious buyers in the future BUT, you will save money now and possibly get more car for your money.

Personally, I would steer away from any cars that have had accident repair!

The person who decided to park on a stone must have been going some to do damage to the luggage area.....

Ultimately, it all comes down to you - if you are going to keep it for a while, go for it!

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if it was repaired by a dealer of approved painter then go for it!! esp if your getting a bargain. i presume the luggage area is no longer stoved in and the damage cannot be seen?

BTW - Not many cars leave their factories with the paint that was applied during the painting process intact - many cars have panels repainted due to in factory / delivery damage.....

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Hi Warren,

I am not sure how the accident happened but somehow the car got parked on top of a large stone. No damage except to the bumper and the base of the luggage area. I agree with you though it must have has some impact.

The car was repaired by the dealer who supplied it - it was one of their demo cars. I now looks perfect. the only thing you can see is a small amount of mishape on the underside when compared to another car. They also paint - bonnet and bumpers - most of the secondhand cars. It's their policy to try to have everything perfect. The older one I am comparing it with has had some touch up work done. I think it's a bargin. Pay 3.5k more and get a car 18 months younger (same miles on both cars). I am just worried about the resale value. And driving at 250 kph in a repaired car.

decisions, decisions, decisions


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Well I have gone and done it and my wife is collecting it today. I went for a 1993 996 Cabrio, Metallic black with black leather inside, tiptronic, PCMII, xenon lights, auto wipers, CD changer, 18” Carrera for summer and 18” turbo look for winter. Decided not to have the crashed one in the end. Looking forward to tonight to give it a good run


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err - a 1993 996 ? - have you bought a pre-production model ? :wink:

Congratulations and happy motoring !!

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oops - slippy fingers. A 2003 or course. Looking forward to some happy times


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This post needs pictures !!!!!!!!

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Warren M on 16 September 2005

This post needs pictures !!!!!!!!
what the good man said and congrats :lol:

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