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First Day of 993 ownership


2 May 2011
Picked up my 993 this afternoon. AllI can say is "wow"! I previously owned a 997 c2s for the last 2 years and after driving a 993 c2 I knew I had to have one. I must say I think I was even more excited picking this car up than I was for the 997. I didn't think that was possible.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their advice! Orangecurry and GT4 have been bombarded with PMs and took the time to help me find one that I was really happy with. 1995 C2 Tip.

I have already driven 200 miles today and loved every minute of it. It had a major service at Zentrum this morning, where it also had it's PPI. Everything that needed doing was addressed and they said that it was one of the tidiest ones they have seen. I purchased it from a private buyer who was a very enthusiastic owner himself and had mountains of paperwork for the car.

Popped into EDP to have a "quick" wash hence the i-phone photos.

Will post more about the change later one, but thanks again to everyone who helped out :thumbs:


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Well done, mine's a 1995 C2 tip Cab, had it for the last 14 years,never let me down and continues to bring a smile to my face.

In a life time every man (ok to be PC person, oh boll**ks MAN) should own a 993 at some time.

ATB :)
Congratulations. . .993's are special. Especially above 4 thousand rpm :thumb:
Can't see the pics :lol:

EDIT: can now, looks lovely :grin:
Is this the black one from Chesterfield? Well done and we need photo's.

Well done! Great choice of car.

Got mine 7 weeks ago. First trip after 3 days of ownership was 340 miles to the 911 Silverstone Sunday Service. Met a great bunch of 911UK'ers from the Midlands. :thumb: Made me and the missus feel very welcome. Done over 800 miles now and enjoying every drive out (and back). Is this normal 993 owner behavior :?:

My purchase was from a similar private owner and the car has a great history that made me feel comfortable laying out the dosh. There are still issues to be dealt with but this forum helped me go into my first Porsche purchase with eyes wide open. :)

I echo your thanks to the stalwarts of this site. Carry on guys and many thanks for your (continued) assistance. :worship:
Whoop :thumb: pleasure to have been any help at all.

Photos photos photos.......................
And a thank you to Oldnbold, chris from exel and citori,....sounds like the oscars. Will post more up asap. Yes it was the one from Chesterfield. It was fantastic driving it down!
I think congrations are in order: :congrats:

another...sorry for the quality!


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Well done that man....looks a good one. :thumb:
Congratulations ;-)

I've not had chance to drive my recent purchase all week but am hoping to make it to porsche on the prom in Llandudno on Sunday.

We definitely need more pics though!
jonttt said:
Congratulations ;-)

I've not had chance to drive my recent purchase all week but am hoping to make it to porsche on the prom in Llandudno on Sunday.

We definitely need more pics though!

Hi jontt.

I will be attending "Porsches on the Prom" at Llandudno!

Hope to see you there. :thumb:

Reminds me of how I felt when I drove/owned my first 993.

These are great cars not just great 911's . As classics they have few equals

Enjoy your ownership, live the dream and don't keep it in the garage too much :thumb:
Wow - great looking car. Although not surprising given that black is of course the best colour.

And yours looks much better than mine because the roof is fixed on correctly.

Every time I see a coupe I kick myself for letting the wife convince me she should have a cab. Then the sun comes out and with the roof down it feels so good you forget that the car's lines are aesthetically ruined.

Good luck with keeping it looking good though - black cars are a bitch to keep clean.

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