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First Car

giles orr

New member
7 Jan 2004
Hi All

This is my first post. I've finally convinced the wife that we can get a Porsche (mortgage kid, sell home etc.), and have probably settled on a 993 for £25k-ish.

We're only going to keep it for a year (2nd child planned!) - but at least I can say I've had one when I get old.

So I've started all wrong - fallen in love with first car I've seen:

(car at top)

The advantage of this is:

1. Garage is local

2. Was checked over by Autofarm 1,000 miles ago and all identified work done

3. There is a basic warranty available (more comprehensive if I pay for it)

4. They take credit cards (ain't 0% a wonderful thing?)

Any comments / suggestions / advice on what to do ? - I'm really aiming to spend as little as possible on maintenance over the next 12 months whilst ensuring I don't lose too much on re-sale.

Sorry if I've made any posting mistakes

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It sounds like a good one, but I would drive that and a few others first, to get a feel for whether one feels strong or not.

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Looks a pretty decent price for a RHD with good spec, has it done a lot of miles ? Any sign of respray / collision damage ? (not nec. a problem if done / repaired correctly). For peace of mind, and despite Autofarm having looked at it, I would still be tempted to have another specialist give it a once over - JZ Machtech aren't too far away from you. Also why not see if you can speak to the previous owner - as he has already sold it to the dealer it's not as if he would have anything to hide from you !

Overall if all is as appears then I doubt you'll lose a penny over twelve months - you might even make a bit of money if you are clever selling it. Demand for decent 993s seems extremely strong.

One word of warning - in the car world there is rarely any such thing as a bargain !

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Thanks for the quick responses.

I didn't realise that the advert didn't give the mileage - 97k (high, but I would assume the worst is over?).

No collision damage, although it has been resprayed (esp. round the front bumper - stonechips probably). The last owner appears to be a company - so it could be difficult getting hold of the actual driver.

Has full main dealer service history up to 5k (5 months) ago.

I can feel myself wanting it this minute...

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The mileage is on the high side - you are starting to get into territory where a top-end engine rebuild might be on the cards. You should get another specialist to look at it and do a cylinder leakage test which should give you a good idea of the condition of the engine. A top end rebuild will cost c.£2.5K, so might make all the difference as to whether this car is a good buy or not !


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There are some who are of the opinion you should buy on condition not mileage. That's fair enough but by the 100k mark suspension will be getting tired (dampers and bushes and possibly springs). The clutch may need replacing (they last anywhere between 25k - 50K miles - cost c. £1500). Check the brake discs are in good nick and the tyres for uneven wear.

One thing to bear in mind - if you are planning to sell it on in a year's time you may find a 100K+ 993 difficult to shift. Test drive a few cars to give you an idea on the good and the bad.

Good luck, but go carefully - rarely is there such a thing as a cheap Porsche.

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take your time! Mileage is very high, as Jamie said it will almost certainly need a top end within 10-15k miles which is okay-ish for you but not come re-sale time. You could find yourself with a whole heap of bills.

Personally I would keep looking, however if you are serious I would get it taken to AMD (Oxford) or JZ (kings langley) for a PPI and as a must a cylinder compression/leak test and a power run to assess engine/clutch condition.

Finally I would bet that in 12 months you will not want to sell and will find a way to keep it, babies don't cost much until they go to school and start demanding like Noony. Therefore spend you money wisely on a car that you would want to keep.

Just my 2p FWIW


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Demanding? I'd go without to keep the porsche!

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Thanks to all for the comments.

Definitely suffering from a case of premature Porsche-itis. The info about the top-end (and the re-sale value) makes me want to go for a lower mileage model (probably older, so not so expensive). Any suggestions?

As for the kids/Porsche equation, its not so much the cost (although its a shame you can't send them down t'pit like you used to be able to) as the thought of cramming 2 kids into the back of a 993.

So, to summarise:

Want a 993 coupe for <£25k (by Credit Card - PayPal anyone?) that I can sell in a year without bankrupting myself...

Any offers?

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I get my 2 girls (6 and 4) in the back of my 993, its what the seats were made for, mind you we do have a family car as well.

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I'm 6ft 2 and I fit in the back of a 996 fine, if you put the seat forward.

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''An infected spinal column in a bap'' :wink:

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Wrong thread again :evil:

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Do have a look at
who have quite a few 993s at around the 25K mark. You'll near plenty of differing opinions on dealing with them, but if you want to look at a lot of cars in one place then they are definitely worth a look.


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Are you ever at school? Or do you just sit here all day playing the net? No wonder kids of today blah blah blah...


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