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First 911

Douglas Rough

New member
5 Jul 2005
I am looking to take the plunge into 911 ownership, and I could do with as much help and advice as possible!! I would need to use the car every day, and I am looking for the usual 'must haves' (full history, etc). Any information that anyone can give, particularly around costs of servicing, tyres, etc. etc. would be most welcome. My maximum budget will be around £10,000.



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Hi Doug

you are where i was about three months ago......once decided i was scouring websites autotrader, topmarques, 911 websites and ebay.....again 10k was my budget

After a while i think i realised the budget would fit a good sc or carrarra(post 85 i think) amd i looked at a few left hookers 964s but then one day a i saw an 84 turbo, i had look at a new budget over 10k.... at first i thought its impossible to get that dream car but after the Insurance was no longer a barrier (as in i have 9 points) i decided to go for it.

I di pay £200 for Porscheindependent inspection and HPI check but worthwhile costs....

So now iam happy i did not managed to buy the absolute best but something thats nearly there......

I guess i will post it on the website may be i will find someone who knows the car and can provide some of the missing history.....

So happy hunting

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A nice and sound SC or 3.2 should be well within reach, but it may need a bit of cosmetic TLC. £200 on an inspection could save you loads in the long run, and may give some bargaining points.

Consider LHD too- better car for the same money like for like.

Knowledge is power; look in the back of 911 and Porsche World and GT Purely Porsche for relevant back issues, specifically with buyers guides. There are some good books available too.

Lastly, join the Porsche Club GB- not only will the register members be happy to help, but there are some lovely enthusiast owned cars for sale in the mag.

Servicing is not cheap, but you should be able to get classic Insurance. Tyres for the earlier cars are reasonable. If you are a bit creative and shop around parts are fine too. Get to know a good specialist who can help you and give advice, and may know of cars that are for sale...

Good luck!


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I did the same for similar money around 18 months ago - a G50 3.2 Targa. I've since spent the same amount again (unlucky I guess)- so BE CAREFUL! Get a full inspection and definitely have a leak down test performed by someone reputable BEFORE you buy to check the condition of the engine.

That said the car's great! I would set aside about a grand per annum on servicing - little things on old cars mount up and get an oil change every 6 months, especially if its your only car. Tyres are pretty cheap at about £100 a corner - no need to buy expensive as long as they're 'N' rated.

I spoke to a Porsche owner once who couldn't believe I'd use a 16 year old 911 as my only & everyday transport - he reckoned I'd get fed up and buy a Mondeo! Silly man!!

& oh yea, good advice from Robert - you can never read up/research enough. Just be careful you don't bore everyone around you!!!

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I bought a 1985 911 3.2 Carrera over two years ago, have used it daily with no major problems. Servicing costs £300 p.a., tyres less than £100 each, generally parts are easy to get and not too expensive, including Insurance it has cost me less than £1000 to run per year. Its a LHD with full history etc. I am thinking of selling, so if your interested send me a pm (and I live up North too).

Good luck,


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