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FIRST 911 - help needed

Anthony Asquith

New member
11 Jan 2005
Hi all. First post on here although I am a regular on Pistonheads.com

I currently have a 330Clubsport BMW, but I reckon its about time I got the engine out back. So I have resolved this year to buy myself a 911 at last.

Budget is £30k to £35k, and I am almost decided to forget about spec and colour etc and buy anything I can find 996 or 993 from an official Porsche dealer. There is a blue 996 up for £33k in Cambridge which I am going to buy I think.

Main reason for using OPC is the warranty - I want this to be bulletproof. BUT I can see some nice cars at specialists such as 911virgin which are nicer colour/better spec etc.

Are the independent warranties any good or should I play safe and get a car which is a compromise spec wise and for for an OPC car?

Cheers all.

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obviously you will pay top dollar at an OPC and the warranty may be more hassle free, but you wil prob' get more for your money going to an independant.... but there is nothing to fear with an independant warranty...

all of the recent posts on the 993 or 996 will be a goods indicator of what to go for....

check out the ad's on this site (loads!) and isn't
also up in Canary Wharf way ? although my health warning Virgin geezer a nice bloke that he will "sell" you anything that may not be "you", all great cars though.....

for about £30k+ it's a late 993 or early 996, but they do feel very different... from a 330CS the 996 will be more 'familiar' whereas the 993 will be old school...

my advise is that there is a lot of choice so pick the model (red or 4wd, etc) for you then right interior & exterior colout combo and you should easily find the 911 for you.... and IMHO your OPC may have a more limited selection of cars in that price range ?

if it was me after a modern 330iCS I would go back to the old school 993.. the pre-electronically controlled era !

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For that money you'd get a low mileage peach of a late 993.

I have a 330Ci Sport, and I didn't find the driving experience of the 996 that different just tooling about- clearly when pressing on it would be a different story.

The 993 I suspect would feel more special more of the time, but is perhaps not such a good day-to-day proposition as the 996.

I'd suggest finding a good private sale car, and taking it to the OPC dealer for the inspection and warranty. I reckon you'll get a better car for the money that way.

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A point to note; the Dealer warranty on a Porsche from an OPC is nowhere near as comprehensive as the BMW warranty you may be used to. The BMW used car warranty is absolutely superb and one of the best in the business. Conversely, you will hear constant complaints about the items not covered by an OPC warranty.

Just a minor point but don't let misconceptions about the warranty sway you to buying from an OPC rather than an independent.


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Don't forget the Porsche Warranty Changed last june

Prior to then the warranty was A car care Plan warranty in a Porsche Brochure

The warranty is now adminstered by Porsche themselves

Mark Pearce


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If it is a 993, my recommendation for a PPI would be by one of the good independants or porsche specialest eg Peter Morgan.

I have found when I have spoken to the OPC that the service area may not have anyone familiar with the car.

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