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Finding C2 quicker than C4..


2 Feb 2005
Just thought I would share this with you, I had, as many of you know a 1996 Varioram C4, which I had to sell.

Well now I have been out and brought a 1995 non Varioram C2 (with a lot of help from you guys :wink: )

I am finding my 272 BHP faster than my old 285 BHP !! and not just a little, it feels so much faster from 40-90mph (when I come on the to the motorway slip road)…

The sun is out, so I don’t expect many replies for a while ! (you’ll all be out driving or polishing)


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that's the nature of the C2, head to head the C4 will be quicker, but 2wd is more nimble and agile so you feel more of the push......

but still not bad for a decade + of engineering....

good to hear you're enjoying life back in the 993

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i had a 993 272bhp, and it was pretty fast,
the bald figures i believe to be 0-100 13.1, 13.4

so not mutch in it.

had a lovely drive today, just reached the pub & found that my car scraped quite badly underneath getting in to the car park on an incline damn

i can tell you that my c4s has come up against many a c2, and has yet to lose or win, if you understand

back to my pint daz

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but of course 10 years or so down the line, it is unlikely to be outputing the original BHP.....

as I got my car back from Weltmester today and it had been dyno'ed at 276 bhp, that's 9 down from std but the torque was up 34lbs/ft to 285 lbs/ft, operator did say I had a very well looked after engine, that was as strong as ever...

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My C4 had done 102,000 miles, where my C2 has only done 82,000 miles !! could this have something to do with it ?


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no really, that could be loads of reasons.. mine seems to have lost about 5 bhp since I got it but gained 35 lbs/ft torque (the important one)

even recent 996's all can give different power figures, obviously age has a factor.... but the C4 would have always had more power.. varioram factor, the only way to truly know is to dyno it...

and not forgetting poower-weight ratio has a lot to do it as well.... but maybe if I make Wales it will a good chance to come rides

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My C2 feels completely different now from when I bought it 5 months ago. The 7K miles have really loosened up the engine - it feels more responsive and I am getting better mpg out of it (and I am definately not driving it any slower!).

I had heard stories about the cleaning properties of Optimax - might have to start to believe it now.

I would agree that the way they are looked after definately effects the way they perform!

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Officially from 0-60 Porsche quote the C4 faster by 0.1 of a second due to its superior traction off the line. But for non standing starts they quote the C2 faster because it's lighter. Even for standing starts by the time it gets to the kilometer the C2 weight advantage outweights the traction off the line deficit making the C2 officially faster by 0.2 of a second. The spread of power differences you see now the cars are ten years old makes that pretty accademic these days.

What you may be feeling Daniel is the difference between the varioram cars with the G50/20 gearbox and the non varioram cars with the G50/21 gearbox. These boxes have slightly different ratios and make each feel faster under certain circumstances.


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totally forget the gearbox change to the US ratios !

good one ian !

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by ian_uk on 01 April 2006

What you may be feeling Daniel is the difference between the varioram cars with the G50/20 gearbox and the non varioram cars with the G50/21 gearbox.

Most likely that's what gives you the better acceleration. Don't forget the non-vario gives a bit more of a kick when "on cam" at @3k rpm, more of a step than the vario.

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