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Finding a mint BLACK 993? Easy?


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23 Jan 2007
I would love to replace my beautiful 3.2 with a low mileage mint black 993, ideally a c2 coupe. How easy is this likely? I am in no real hurry, but have seen a 16,000 mile car in midnight blue and wonder if I would be foolish to pass it over...any views? All comments welcome

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Yes you would be foolish to pass it over, and black is an absolute pig to keep clean.

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Midnight blue is the best colour! :wink:

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Really depends what you mean by mint really. A 993 with a full re-spray will look pretty perfect from the outside - but you could do this to any of them. Just need to invest in them.

The mileage that low would be hard to match, but then that car may be fraught with problems for not having being driven enough. I would consider anything under 40K miles to be low mileage for a 993.

Is it the very low mileage that you really like? If so get it inspected and go for it.

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V rare to find one with such low miles, as they get used. You may find a low mileage car, or a mint black car, but the more criteria you have the longer you'll be looking.

I think I know the blue car you are on about, its relatively expensive, but quite unique.

You could get a really nice car with say 40-50k miles which is lightly used in Porsche terms, but will save you probably £10k over the cost of that one. £2k will probably sort the cosmetics out to get it mint, then you can enjoy using it.

FWIW, my 993 targa had 30k miles on when I bought it, but had a few stonechips on the bonnet, PU, and front wings. Had the whole front end resprayed for £1,500 and it looks lovely. Trouble is, I wince every time I drive it and car/truck comes the other way!

Tell us more about your 3.2... any pics?

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All depends on how desperate you are to get the car you want? I'm sure your ideal car is out there, it's just a case of finding it!!

Since Midnight is almost black it might be worth checking it out. 16k miles is very low - I would buy very carefully as low mileage is not necessarily a good thing!

Have you checked out stirlings.co.uk? They tend to get some pretty special low mileage cars in.

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I say forget the absolutely mint low mileage cars unless you're a concours compulsive polisher. If you plan to actually use the car, you know on roads and stuff, you should concentrate on finding a mechanically and bodily sound car that's been run in and looked after without being left in the garage for the past 5 years to save mileage.

My 2p

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Thanks for all the comments. If I do go for it, I will get a PPI done. Whilst expensive, it is not too much more than I would have expected. I don't seem to have much time to use it, and have been averaging around 2,500 miles a year in my 3.2. It is a 1984 Targa which I bought at 25,000 miles. It has now done 43,000 miles and is wonderful, it is the fifth and best one I have owned. (I also have a concours MGA and sadly sold my Dino 246 a few years back). I have spoken to Mark Pearce at Stirlings. very nice chap, but he has nothing just at the moment.


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