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Feels rough


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4 Apr 2006
When I first got the car I loved the way it felt so smooth and sure on the road. Recently it hasnt felt like that and I dont know why. The drive now feels too 'rough', and it also isnt as sure footed.

Symptoms:- car feels rough through the steering wheel. It vibrates (not much, but more than it should) at pretty much any speed- 'roughness' can be felt through the seat as well, ie not just through the wheel- car also not sure footed. wobbles/slides around too much, which is v noticeable on the motorway

Possible reasons?- the tyres have done 8-10k miles and had one very hard track day (very possible they have a few flat spots). They have c.2.8mm of tread left on them. Tyres were balanced 1k miles ago when the wheels were refurbed by Lepsons- the clutch has done 45k miles. I only do long journeys, but first 35k miles it was a more regular driver

I am getting new tyres asap. I know the clutch needs doing soon, but was hoping to get it done at service time (August) as the RMS is leaking (only very slightly) and if I get RMS under warranty, then clutch can be done for the cost of the parts only (no labour charge). Not sure it will last until then.

Any thoughts? I've never had a car long enough to need replacing clutch or tyres, so not sure if those could be the cause of the problem.

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