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Favourite Porsche?


2 Dec 2002
I haven't started a new thread for a long while. So I hope I'll get a lot of opinions on this subject.

My favourites:

935/78 ''Mobydick'':


And 993 RSR


(can I have some pics of your RS pokemon?)

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This is one of my favourite 911 photos (and not a bad car!)


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That is a great photo James. nice.

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I don't know what it is. The place I got if from (PelicanParts ages ago) names the file "TurboReflection". Not sure how it can be a turbo though as it is clearly a long hood.

Your guess is as good as mine...

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Yep, must be the RSR turbo then.

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My favourite:

How do you use the image upload tools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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1) Make sure you image is less than 90k

2) Click on the "Up" button (leftmost in the toolbar when writing a post)

3) A new window will open. Click on the "Browse" buttom

4) Locate your photo and double click on it

5) The window will refresh and will provide you with a URL for your uploaded photo (it is now uploaded onto Phil's server. All you have to do now is post a link to it)

6) Copy the URL provided

7) Click "No" if no more photos to upload

8) Window will close. Click on the "Picture Link" icon (second from the right on the toolbar - looks like a tree)

9) Paste the URL for the uploaded image (provided in the previous window)

10) Image should appear in your post. For some reason I sometime find it doesn't, but if I click on the "Picture Link" (tree icon) and paste the URL in again it then works

Hope that helps.


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This better work!



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Looks like a yummy 993 to me. With a turbo. Pity about the colour! :D

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Not a turbo Manek, it's the RS. My choice of colour was riviera blue or speed yellow but none around at the time and this car was in a fnatastic condition and I couldn't ignore it. In fact the guards red suits this car's lines well (NO the paint is not guards pink - I don't think there is any hint of fade on my paint as the previous owner was very fussy and use to take a car cover to the circuits and cover it while not on the circuit - Count Dracula will be proud of the colour!!).


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Manek can't tell his RS's from his turbos...the only turbo that could possibly be is the GT2. Deary me...

Very nice, thanks pokémon(the correct spelling :wink: )

Rubystone is what I want!

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There is one that outshines all others. 1973 2.7 RS.


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CT993, did you not see the red one above! 2.7RS, all time favourite-couldn't find a picture of the white one in small enough size so red it was!

Noony, the pokemon spelling is obscured by some weird Chinese character so I am none the wiser. I think the GT2 is unlikely to be mistaken with my boggo RS. GT2 should have the biplane wings, different front apron (cannot see well in the photo) and bolt-on fender arch extensions - your slipping Noony :wink:


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