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Faulty aircon/ Interior fan 997.2??


New member
11 Jun 2013
I need a bit of help please.....
For a while now I've noticed a expansion tank/ gas noise coming from the dashboard on the passenger size when I have the aircon on. It isn't a continuous noise but sounds like something filling up with gas and then releasing it, always does it when I first turn the aircon on and then periodically afterwards, it does appear to work though.
This didn't bother me too much until the last couple of days. I've noticed that I can sometimes hear a something like the fan is on full - but nothing comes through into the car and I certainly haven't selected the fan to be on full. When I noticed I was starting to steam up a bit I tried to put the fan on full, the display registered it but I got absolutely no fan output at all. After having to pull over and fiddle around for five minutes it suddenly sprang back into life and was fine for the rest of the journey.

Is the aircon unit situated in the passenger side of the dashboard and does it usually make a noise?

Do I have a faulty interior fan/ problem with the control unit?

Does anyone have any ideas of what is going on?

Many thanks for your thoughts or advice on this.
Can't comment on those specific symptoms but my aircon gave up the ghost a few months ago - turned out to be a failed compressor that was fixed under warranty (less than 3 years old). I'd be heading to an OPC or Indy depending on what cover you might have - either way it needs checking out. Good luck :thumb:
I've got an AA Gold Warranty with it so I'm trying to dig that out now. They've already replaced my PDK gearbox a few months back so hopefully replacing the aircon compressor will be relatively straight forward if that is whats needed. Not been a great first 8 months to Porsche ownership......
Being covered is the main thing. Aircon is a fairly common problem and thankfully a relatively painless fix so I wouldn't get too hung up on that. Surprised and sorry to hear about your PDK box as I only know of one other failure to date and we're led to believe they're supposed to be bullet-proof?
Had a similar noise coming from the passenger side when the air con came on.Decided to get the air con regassed.Make sure they use a lubricant with the regassing [for the seals] £70.00 all in. solved my noisey problem.
I was considering getting my aircon re-gassed. If it has never been done is it reasonable to expect to need a re-gassing? Are Halfords as good as anyone for a re-gas?
As for the gearbox everyone I've spoken to was very surprised to need a new PDK. I wanted a PDK and gen2 engine for reliability etc and everyone told me it was bulletproof. After driving around a car park for 30 minutes the juddering got so bad I took it to OPC Byfleet who thought just a software re-set would fix it. A month later, after initially being quoted £15.5k for a new gearbox I got a Porsche factory re-conditioned unit with Porsche 2 year warranty for £7.5k, of which the warranty paid £5k - could have been worse. I do still get a slight smell of clutch when doing slow maneuvering or reversing.. but with the warranty I'm less worried now.
Yikes :eek: Did they explain what caused the box to fail? £2.5k is still a tough swallow - I really wouldn't expect to have to pay out for a faulty box as I can't see how Porsche could point the blame for failure at anyone but themselves :dont know: I'd be calling my lawyer... :judge:

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