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False alarms

R White

New member
2 Jun 2004
Left my 996 C4 outdoors under a cover for a few days. Battery was charged up when I left it and I had the cigarette-lighter Porsche battery conditioner connected. Apparently the alarm went off several times, usually in the evenings.

I've heard this explained in the past by the evening temperature drop leading to a battery voltage drop, thereby fooling the alarm system into thinking the battery was being disconnected. But surely with the conditioner in place this shouldn't happen ?

Any ides or suggestions gratefully received

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Possibly the wire being moved and tripping the interior sensors assuming its routed through/trapped in the window to get to the power source. I can trip my alarm by simply tugging the outside of the wire and making the hanging wire inside move causing bedlam to break loose.

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Wire routed under the closed door, so out of the way - but still could be - thanks

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I have found that cigar light connectors are a bit suspect the connector can move about so I have my battery conditioner connected directly to the battery terminals by means of a short lead with a one way plug to avoid polarity problems. Admitedly my car is in a garage so there is no outside disturbance, but I have never, so far as I know, had a problem of the alarm going off.

The wire to connect the battery to the conditioner passes out under the boot lid. Just make sure ther the boot lid is fully closed otherwise the interior lights will stay on all the time. I believe most of this type of alarm are very current sensitive and any change in demand will set the alarm off. For example sit in the car all doors closed and set the alarm. Then turn on the sidelights, the alarm should sound immediately.


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