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Exhaustive List

So, the decision has been made. Its going to be a Kline 8)

Can't bloody wait!!!
Osh said:
So, the decision has been made. Its going to be a Kline 8)

Can't bloody wait!!!

Great choice! Need some proper before and after videos as there is not much on YouTube.
Osh said:
Cheers Raggy

the thing i ca't get my head round is that so many people seem unhappy with their Dansk boxes...??

Love the sound of my dansk (super sound) back boxes but the problem is the flexi joints are made of what I can only guess is foil from a kit Kat wrapper
As I dont know anyone that has had dansk exhausts that the flexi joints haven't split
I have a Kline with 200 cel cats which replaced a pse system.
In my opinion the sound from the Kline isn't a patch on the pse.
Between 2500 and 3500 rpm the drone you get from the Kline hurts your ears.
In every other part of the rev range they sound very smooth.
It's very nice quality but I will never buy an aftermarket exhaust again, I should have replaced what was fitted by Porsche, they know what they're doing.
I also believe the car is down on power, as soon as I collected the car it just didn't feel quite as potent, like it had lost a few bhp.
I know sound is subjective and this is only my opinion.
Alex said:
Pass. I'll ask him if I get chance.

yes SPYDER, nice and very light compared to OEM, when open loud and quiet when closed, perfect fit, 911uk Wilmslow catch up approved :grin:

You can't go wrong with it, cost to product :thumbs:

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