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Exhaust Tips


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25 Aug 2010
I know that this has probably been discussed in the past, but I'm keen to get any up to date opinions.

My tips are the original ones and I've tried to clean them up but without success. I'm keen to keep the original look, which I believe are a satin/brushed finish - correct me if I'm wrong? plus the original shape - rounded square.

So over to you lot!

Thanks again for advance replies
Hey B4B, I got mine (squovals like yours on my MY97 targa) polished at Powerspeed when they were changing my cats to 200 cell which is a well worthwhile upgrade; looks better, sounds better, goes faster!
There are products out there to clean them. Autosol is superb but can be a slow process as it only takes very thin layers off each time.
Zing - I did try the Autosol route, but soon lost the will to live!

Herer - I'm going to play dumb here but what are/is 200 cell? I think cats is the catalytic converter? Sounds interesting!! How much?

Cheers again
Do what I did. Give it to the father in law and let him take it home to polish in front of the TV. :thumb: He's always complaining of wanting something to do to keep him occupied.

Had mine polished in Q8 for 20 quid, see attached, you need to find someone with a polishing machine. :D

ATB :)


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I have heard that putting them in the dishwasher works wonders.

I don't know what the finish is on your tips but maybe 1200 grit wet and dry and then a polish.
Try autosol applied with 0000 grade wire wool. Makes easy work of it and produces great results.
You can polish with Autosol.

If that doesn't sort it, you can wash in dishwasher and Autosol.

If that doesn't work, you can mechanically polish - so basically a bench grinder/polisher is best (for the full OCD, dishwasher before and and Autosol after).
If you want to stick with what you have and just get them looking cleaner, i think chris w was saying you can get them lightly sandblasted for a good effect and not too expensive?
I remember when Chris W was with you to discuss your wheels he said he can get these squoval tips cleaned back up whilst still retaining the satinised finish, worth getting back in touch with him?

Mine are manky too, even after several goes with Autosol, like you I'd also like to stay standard shape and retain that satin finish, so I'd be interested in what Chris can do/charges.
Update - Have spent the first part of the bank holiday with Autosol, wire-wool and lots of elbow grease with mixed results! The left tip is far worse the the right, lots of pitting which is impossible to remove. The right tip came up quite well ( Obviously the engine is left-handed!!) Looks like replacement may be the only option?

Thanks for all your input with this, even the dishwasher suggestion, didn't go down too well I'm afraid!
Ok I've sourced a metal polisher who's up for the job, any tips for removing them?
In theory probably just one clamp per tip, may be wrong. I think in practice they may be corroded so will need a little help with something more than a spanner, then of course new (stainless?) hardware to refit the new/polished tips.
Chances are the bolts will have corroded to the point of seizure. If you can lock a socket on one end and then use a spanner on the other you may break the bolt in the centre. Otherwise its a dremel/angle grinder job.

Fortunately for me I snapped the bolt. My plan is to have all nuts/bolts on the exhaust/cat system replaced with stainless stell/marine grade. :thumb:

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