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exhaust hack and front rad mesh c4s


22 Jan 2013
Im looking at getting my exhaust done tomorrow off a guy who is a competant welder and also the meshing to cover the back of the vents on the front bumper on C4S.

Just wondering if anyone knows the exact type of tubing i need and size ie: length, does it come already bent? And does anyone know the best type of mesh to buy and what size to get to save taking front bumper off to figure it out?

Answers will be greatly appreciatted.

I would also love a template for the grills if there is one kicking around.
Thank you very much, I take it any mechanic will have the stuff needed to attach to the bumper?
Black Tiger Seal adhesive or a strong black silicone adhesive is what you want to affix the mesh to the inside of the bumper ...
Thanks again :)

Anyone any ideas on the length and type of tubing and if it comes already shaped? I want to get it in the morning and then take to a garage in afternoon
Both covered in the 996 FAQs forum.

As to pipe length, it depends if you want a bridge bypass or corner-nipple bypass.

Do you have a preference?
well i want the best sound that can be achieved and probably whichever is most simple. Is there much difference between the two?
Found the FAQ and having a good read :) very detailed.

Although im not massivelly mechanicaly minded. I have got a 2003 C4S, which would you say would be the best option?
Answered above.

996.2 = the facelift 3.6 996 (ie includes C4S)
Many thanks GT4 :)

I will post updates once done, also some pics when i figure out how to convert the damn things ;)

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