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exhaust bolts

Stewart Sadler

New member
4 Sep 2003
I'm changing my stock exhaust for RSR. Does anyone have any tips on removing seized bolts on the muffler? is there any way to get better access?


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Poon is your man for this. He will no doubt reply later or perhaps you should private message him.

He has done all this to his car and will know an inside track. Have you searched the site for a similar thread?

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On the subject of exhausts...

My 993 has aftermarket sports side cans - not sure who the manufacturer is - which sound delicious at low and high revs, but very 'boomy' between 2,000-3,000 revs, which because I'm a bit of a plodder is where I spend quite alot of my time (ie = 75ish in 6th gear on the motorway).

Its not a major problem, but I'd do something about this if there was an easy (& low cost) fix - anybody got any thoughts?

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Soak them overnight with anti seize. Failing that, heat - you'll need someone with an oxy torch though.

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...........or there's always the Dremell grinder.

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Hi Stewart,

Nut crackers, quick easy and cheap from Halfords £15.00 or less.

Then invest in stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers.

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if the bolts are just seized, soak them in WD-40 overnight before removal.

If they are too corroded or seized, then dremel them off (I had to). Getting the car up on a lift makes this a 5 minute job). Try finding somewhere that will hire you a lift. That's how I do my DIYs. I pay £7 ph.

Then replace with some SS or galvanised bolts.

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I've got the same sonic boom between 2-3k rpm on my 1996 993 which is annoying to say the least. Local OPC don't seem to have much of an idea although it was sold and fitted by another OPC.

Cheap and easy fix would be good!!

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As StevenC says I recently put the RSR's on you will not regret it. I WD40'd the night before it did not make a blind bit of difference! If you can get a decent sized spanner on each end you could tighten the bolt which should shear the head off, I tried this after trying to loosen them but the heads were in very poor shape and I only resulted in rounding them further and nearly breaking my fingers.

In the end I got my angle grinder out and ground them off, a dremel would have been better (smaller) but I couln't be bothered to go out anf buy one.

This is what JZ do!

Good luck, byt he way use jack stands. You may have to reverse the car up onto 6x4 wood and then get your undertray off, then loosen the wheels nuts and slide the jack underneath the engine block, look at p-car.com for a diagram and jack the car up, then place the axle stands under the jacking points, then take the wheels off.

p-car.com also has instructions for the boxes.

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Finally got the RSRs on today -absolutely bloody fantastic. How anyone can say that dont sound noticibly different from stck is beyond me. There is very obvious increase in loudness and a much more purposeful note.

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Exhaust bolts - a nightmare! - i managed it on mine in the end with the combined effort of a hacksaw and angle-grinder (and a helpful dad!)

The best bit though - starting the engine up with no back box on! - has anyone else tried it? Fan-bloody-tastic!


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