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Example 996 Turbo Running Costs


New member
21 Jun 2003

Thinking of one of the increasingly tempting 996 Turbos that are hovering around 55k for a 2000-2001 car.

However, other than having driven a 2003 Carrera 4 and liking the experience, I'm a 911 virgin, I don't really know what I'd be getting into. Hence can some owners shed some light?

I'm guessing that a 2001 Turbo should be fairly reliable and livable with day to day, but could you offer to fill in the blanks below?

Buy RHD 996 Turbo 2001, with PCM etc. - 55k

Run for 2 years: take milage from 30,000 - 50,000

Need new rear tyres / brakes / exhaust: £?

Servicing, how many/often, how much?

Possible repairs / nasty surprises ???

Trade in Value after 2 years??

Any other tips/warnings?

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they all should be easy to work out... :wink:

the key question is in 2 years time and 40k down the road how much will it be worth..

esp' as that will be when I'll be in the market for one !

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I've just spoken to a farrari dealer who showed me one of those part ex forms. Someone wants to px his 996 turbo cab for a 360. His car is a 53 plate, fully loaded with 18k. The BEST price he could get was 62K :eek:
I was so supprised i nearly bought the car!!! This guy needed to have a sit down for five minutes! Even porsche gave him the same price! It does seem to me that at least with the turbo's the prices are dropping like a lead balloons.

I don't want to put you off because owning a Porsche will bring you so much pleasure, especially a turbo, but two years down the line you might find that your car is only worth 30k to the end user so you'd be looking at low-to-mid twenties for a trade in.

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but then again the dealers wack the price up by £10-12k... and always make a huge profit....

according to the Trade, they make huge margins of the Turbo

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As a guideline, a £55k car from a dealer will probably have been bought in for about £45-48k. Depreciation with a car of this value is likely to be significant in £ terms.

More guesses- budget on £800 at least for a set of tyres. Servicing is every year or every 12k miles I think. I reckon I'd budget on £1k per annum costs ex depreciation. For the real news, I'd call a porsche specialist who will give you a better idea!

Don't forget Insurance costs, which are also likely to be huge!

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Thanks for the replies.

Insurance for a 996 TT 2002 is going to be £1022 per annum (identical to a C4S)

Could I realistically service a 996 TT at a cheaper specialist - what would this cost for routine servicing? What would an OPC charge?

If servicing would only be 1000GBP per annum I could easily live with it - I fear it'll be more than this though. What would a new set (x4) of pads fitted be? How much would a new clutch hurt?

Gut feel is that 996TTs won't fall as low as 30k for 5+ years - or will they? They should hold up as well as a 993 T4?

Any owners with experience of leggy 996 TTs? (40, 50, 60k miles) What have you had done in that time?



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