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Exactly how much

Iain Rowlings

New member
16 Jul 2003
So. My wife is really close to allowing me to buy my first Porsche 911. She has decided that if I'm having one then she has to like it aswell so it has to be a 996. Fine by me. But can I afford the C4? Does it cost more to maintain than a C2? Just how much does it cost to service a C2 compared to a C4? How much are tyres that fit on an 18"rim? When can I expect to have to replace the exhaust or any other expensive item?

Any comments on general running costs let me know



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996's rule, yes you can afford a C4(ours only cost £37k, but that's because it has green interior), you won't have to replace anything major until about 60k miles(clutch), service costs are no different I believe, expect to pay about £600-£800(well, a bit of a guess) for a decent set of tyres(eg bridgestone SO3 or Pirelli Pzeros in 285 rear and 255 front). 996s are the cheapest ever 911 to maintain. Go for it!


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As far as I am aware, 996s have lower servicing costs than 911/964/993, but..... I get charged more for servicing on a C4 than I would for a C2 by the OPC.

Choice between should be more down to the drive than the service costs as they do feel a bit different on the road, as has been discussed/argued numerous times on this site. Initial costs and residuals seem to show that there is little between C2s and C4s - its the C4S which is the high pricer.


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In terms of servicing costs, the 993 will have a lower Labour Rate at an OPC than a 996 because they are over 4 years old (I believe its about 25% off).

My last services (42K) was £600 off which just under £100 was oil!

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Oh, and rear 18's for my 993 (Conti's) were £200 each.

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