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Evo VII to 996, anybody gone this route

John Williams

New member
13 Mar 2004
I am ready to part ex my Evo VII and I was originally going to order an FQ330 MR for £32,000.In this weeks Autocar mag they claim that you can buy a nice low mile 996 from a main dealer for the same money, is this true?

And please no anti Evo comments :wink:
I realy respect the 911.

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No, not low miles from a main dealer. That's probably going to be a minimum of 38k. But you can get a 98 996 from a private dealer with average miles and average options. Or you could get a very nice 993. Stretch it to 35k and you could get a LHD 993RS.

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Just one point John a friend of mine had just purchased from a dealer an ex demo fq330 for a fiver under 25k....the car has only done 1400 miles.....seems if they want 32k for a new one thats a hell of a drop.........a 32k 996 will still be worth roughly the same in 12 months time...so it might pay you to forget the rice rocket this time

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The FQ330 MR is the latest edition evo it has Bilstien suspenders and an ally roof and whatnots. If I did buy one it would be my third, I've gone from a VI to a VII, so naturally I fancy an VIII, but I am weighing up the options available.

Please convince me I need a porsche.

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everybody should own a porsche at least once in their lives!

It really is that simple - they are stunning cars

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John. Unfortunately its seems to be a hobby for car mag's, including Porsche car magazines, to under-value second-hand Porsches. Perhaps they are trying to lower the value of these cars so they can more easily afford them themselves!


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Funny, I always quite fanced an Evo - purely on looks alone - so outrageous. John - go for it, though I think you might be more taken with an RS/GT than a "normal" C2/C4 etc, simply because of what you're used to.

Agree with James - this is happening a lot recently. Amazing really when you think that they supposed to be to supporting the brand.

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I know it's not quite the same, but I went from Impreza STi7 PPP to 996 C4S last month and love the 911. The main things I noticed were that the 911 is far easier to drive, it doesn't seem manic/raw all the time and is therefore a more pleasant drive. You don't get the rush from the turbo kicking in. In terms of handling it's far less forgiving than the Impreza, I've had to change my driving style to be much more smooth.

I have noticed how other car drivers react towards the Porsche, many people won't let you in.

Get one, even if it's just for the enginenoise!!


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