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Event Porsches by the lake 2024, Sat, 22 Jun Little Easton Manor CM6 2JN


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15 May 2002
Sat, 22 Jun 2024

Little Easton Manor, Essex

Porsches By the Lake 2024​

Calling all Porsche owners and enthusiasts!

Tickets here >>

Following on from the success of PBTL 2022 & PBTL 2023, we are proud to announce PBTL 2024!
305 Porsches attended in 2022, 550 in 2023. For 2024 we are aiming for a few more (tbc)

Each private Porsche pays £10 per car to park all day by the beautiful lake at Little Easton Manor.

Aircooled invited to display on the lower lawn (east side of lake) .

There is the Unicorn lawn at the front of the Manor where special and notable Porsches will be on display!
ALL Porsches welcome

Barista coffee, breakfasts and street food will be on site both at the house and the lake areas.
There will be an elevated stage on the far side of the lake where drivers & owners will be interviewed with their cars and live streamed to the web and large screen at house.
Commercial village for some of your favourite Porsche related traders.

What people say about our event:
“ one of best events of the year…”
“Unmissable ….”
“Chilled vibe …”

Any questions, comments or trade enquiries , please contact [email protected]

Visitor parking £5

All proceeds will go to marshaling, event utilities & Manor grounds upkeep.

Please note that only food and drink purchased at Little Easton Manor can be consumed on site.


Little Easton is a quiet residential village, you are invited to this venue on the condition that you respect the speed limit and the residents. Marshalls will be checking the village roads to ensure that people speeding making excessive noise are refused entry to this and future events . Please do not break these rules as refusal will spoil this event, thank you.

Entry of your vehicle for exhibition is conditional on your acceptance that Little Easton Manor or PBTL team are not liable for any loss or damage to you or your vehicle and/or its contents.

You also agree to accept the directions of the organiser or its officials when parking your vehicle and positioning your vehicle for display, no deliberate enging revving, leaving the engine running, wheel spins, loud music or dangerous driving - You will be asked to leave.

Whilst the organiser may provide traffic marshals to assist with parking, you at all times retain responsibility for the safe driving of your vehicle and for any accident or injury caused by you or your vehicle whether on the public highway or the private grounds of the show.

Pics by https://three50six.co.uk/


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Just bought mine! It was a good event last year, pretty chilled and a nice variety of Porkers.
I’ll be there 👍🏻
Ticket bought. (y)

Note to self - Don't park under the trees unless you want to be covered in sticky sap!

1st batch of tickets are now sold out,

2nd limited batch will be released later, watch this space
This event is SOLD OUT but if anyone is looking for a 'Porsche Owner Ticket', drop me a DM as it's unlikely I can make it.... Update: taken/no longer available

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Are the tickets transferable @ch3tman?

I've got one and can no longer make it.
Very much looking forward to this…
If anyone has a spare ticket or is unable to make it (visitor or Porsche owner tickets) please do send me a message as currently I am gutted I can’t make it as it’s sold out…. Any ticket availability, please do let me know.

I have a spare if anyone fancies sending me a tenner by PayPal and I’ll forward the ticket email.

DM me, first come first serve.
I have a spare if anyone fancies sending me a tenner by PayPal and I’ll forward the ticket email.

DM me, first come first serve.
Not able to DM you unfortunately. Please do send your paypal and I would be happy to purshce your ticket for Porsche by the Lakes. MT Tom
Hi, I have 1x 'Porsche Owner' Ticket and 1x 'Parking for Visitors' tickets available as I am no longer able to attend.


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