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europe in winter

richard burr

New member
24 May 2006
i am planning a trip to berlin in february.I was caught out a couple of years ago when i took my then carerra 2 to prague,and constantly got stuck in bad snow and ice

i have bought chains for this trip and i now have a carrera 4(964).......has anyone out there had experience with chains on their car ?...and a stupid question but i assume i fit them on the REAR wheels?

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How much wheel clearance have you got?. Hire a car, your mad to risk the damage if you ask me.

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thankyou paul for the respose

it hasnt really helped me.The chains are recommended by the supplier to be 'suitable'for a 964 running on 16" rims.I was more concerned about improving the handling of a c4 in snow and ice and if there were any pitfalls in useing chains(as these appear to be compulsory in some ski resorts)....thaks for your comments


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IF YOU MUST, get snow socks. Snow chains are highly liable to ***** your wheels and arches. Snow socks are a much safer way to get you going if really stuck as they are less liable to cause damage... also much lighter too... but I would think 3 times before taking the 911 in winter overseas...

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richard - i would get dedicated winter/snow tyres if a was you - plus you have 4wd as well you should be fine...... take your chains with you as well and they fit on the rear wheels but you will speed limited as after a certain speed they start to lift off the tyre and cause a bit of damage....also bear in mind that currently here in CH we are havig the mildest winter since records began. eg no snow/ice or even frost.....so you might not even need to bother with anything......

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