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Engine rebuilds ? also


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30 Sep 2004
I also had the same question as was posted already about engine rebuilds - like I have one 81000 mile '87 911 that has an engine rebuild, one '87 with 89000 miles and one '88 with 72000 that don't.

How can I know what is better - which will cost more over the next 5 years!?

But my question has changed now: what exactly does an engine rebuild entail? Can you have good and bad rebuilds?

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Engine rebuild usually means top end rebuild only, new valve guides, piston rings, cylinder bolts etc....

Rebuild receipt should have a full break down on it, from a specialist cost should be in region of £3000+, check if the clutch was done at the same time. It is likely that the rebuilt engine will cost less over 5 years as long as it was done properly.

My 3.2 has done over 130,000 without a rebuild, the signs that an engine will need a rebuild are smoke from the exhaust when you lift off the throttle (worn valve guides), can be hard to check when you're driving though!! Also a bit of smoke isn't the end of the world, the engine will run for many years like that, just as long as the oil is topped up regularly.

The most important thing to check on a 3.2 I would say is the bodywork, i.e. that it hasn't been crashed, check under carpets and panel gaps, and check for rust, even though they were galvanised it doesn't keep the rust away for ever.

The mechanics are fairly bulletproof, and even a knackered engine is a cheaper fix than a bent chassis !!

Good luck, I hope you find a great one because they are excellent cars.

Final bit of advice - Look at and drive a few different ones before you buy, all the reading in the world will not tell you the difference between the 'feel' of a good one or a bad one.

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Thanks for that advice, Matt. I'm probably frightening myself into thinking that if I don't know EVERYTHING I won't know whether a car 'feels' good or not, if you know what I mean.

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I know what you mean. You've got to think that all the cars you could look at are over 15 years old, and they will probably all have had different parts replaced over the years, so no two will be the same.

At the end of the day you've got to be confident, go for the one that looks and feels right, but make sure you've got a few grand set aside for any problems, and enjoy !!

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