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Engine Re-build?


9 Jun 2003

I was just flicking through the service history records of my car, and the below parts were used in an engine rebuild which was done at 60,000 miles, back in 1998.

What I would like to know is, whether this is a top end re-build or a total re-build.

Bottom end gasket set

Top end gasket set

Left + Right Tensioners set

Nuts and bolts

Con Rod

Big end set

Main bearing set

Intermediate bearings

Chain ramps

Con rod bolts

The car has now done 133,000 miles and runs perfectly.

What is the likely mileage before the next re-build?

Many thanks


Porsche 911 3.2

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To my untrained eye that looks very much like a bottom-end rebuild to me. I would be very keen to know why your engine needed a con rod, big end and main bearing. That would all suggest a rather serious failure at some point. If I were you I'd ring up the chaps who did the work and ask them why it was necessary - it's quite major work.

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It say's on the paper work that :

Big end bearing broken and damaged con rod.



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That is definitely a bottom end re-build. Very unusual. I wonder if oil starvation would cause this?

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Thanks, Apart from some smoke on start up, the car runs very well.


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if it has done 73k since the rebuild I wouldn't worry. definatley a bottom end, only one con rod and big end bearing is weird though.

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On a 3.2 if the valves haven't already had work done that maybe an issue in the future but these engines can go on for years if serviced and driven properly . Weird about the bottom end that is rare unless the diagnosis was BS . Stop worrying and just enjoy , one day it will need more work , less able cars that can't perform anything like as well as a 911 expire way before Porkers do .

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Amo. A bit of smoke on start up is perfectly normal, by the way. If it keeps smoking, that it a different matter :wink:

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"less able cars that can't perform anything like as well as a 911 expire way before Porkers do"

What is the life expectancy of a Porker engine?

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Bones Law No1. (discovered 1984-2003)
Any given Porker will last longer than any less able vehicle (this is not debatable and therfore cannot be dissproved) .

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OK, thanks for coming. We'll call you ;) Next please!

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Lol....... It's hard to say how long the life of a Porkers engine is . I think it helps to compare the engine with cars of similar performance . If you owned a similar Ferrari then your service intervals would be way more frequent and the costs apparently astronomical.
The 911 was built as an everyday use car and properly maintained should give years of excellent reliable service . The only time my SC has broken down on the road was when the pistons had a fight with the valves , the valves lost (my fault) .
In general I think the consensus is SC's are the most reliable with bottom ends going on for I've heard of 450,000 miles! All 911s need top ends doing with varying frequencies , I think 70.000 miles is a rough figure for most cars like SC's , 3.2's and 964's . Earlier cars such as 2.7 's have some engine case stud and valve issues so I guess these are the least reliable . Perhaps after many years of Porsche ownerhip and interest I would say it's an unquestionably more bullet proof car than others I've owned or read about and had experience of .
I imagine owning my 911 for years to come even if I buy another one meantime so I guess if one keeps maintaining them then they could go on indefinately budget permitting . The interesting thing is owner seem so attached to them they want to keep them running .

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Bones - just had a look at your pics - that's one crazy interior!!! Unique I would guess.

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I would expect an SC or a 3.2 to manage more than 70k miles before needing a top end rebuild - nearer 100k or 120k would be my guess. Bottom ends seem to last indefinitely! Having said that I think there was an issue with valve guides in some 3.2's that led to the need for remedial work a lot earlier, perhaps in line with Bones' comments.

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I know it's a bit 'out there' but the original said I'm totally out of touch and it had Tartan inserts in the seats . The only time Tartan looks good is on the missus in cheerleader mode! (No offence to our friends North of the border)
So bearing in mind the frightening cost of a total interior re-trim I'm doing it in stages . The next stage will be to put black carpet on the floorpan . This should complete the 'humbug toffee' look , Option Code......Bones 911/2 I'd really like it in Red or Grey and Red .

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