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Engine & PDK Issues


12 May 2019
Hi after washing the car yesterday including power washing the wheel liners and under the arches ai gave it a quick run back to the lock up with everything working perfectly.

Now taken car out tonight and felt very sluggish and difficult to drive after less than a mile PDK Transmission light came on then engine management warning light came on. Returned home and ran diagnostics tool with the following results.

PDK - U0401
Engine - P2308 - cyl 3 ignition module soft shutdown
P0353 - Ignition coil C primary /secondary circuit
P0303 - misfire cyl 3

So is this likely to just need a new ignition coil?

Typically was supposed to be going on holiday in the car on Friday so need to get a rapid move on to solve these problems.

Any advice gratefully received.
They certainly does seem like cyl 3 coil pack is knackered.
A good indy will have these in stock.

Try Sid @ Porschetorque if you're in w Ldn 👍
Yes it does sound like that, just surprised a coil pack failure can cause PDK warning lights to come on.

I think its quicker to get to Design 911 from where I live in N London so will head there in the morning and pick up a new coil pack (it had 6 new spark plugs back in June so less than a thousand miles ago).
As above .. you need no.3 coil replacing .. you don't have to change all 6 as per what we used to do with the 996 variant .

These don't tend to crack .

PDK box needs the load signal from the dme .. a fault here and it cant get an accurate signal hence it gets upset .
Thanks so much so hopefully fingers crossed a relatively cheap problem in the scheme of things
Picked up a new coil pack from Design 911 and fitted it this afternoon and as you guys said car is all back running perfectly again so thank you so much for helping me with your knowledge.

Now the car is off on its holidays to Yorkshire.....so wish it luck.


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Hi. Think I have the same issue.
Is bumper off a necessity or just makes things easier?
Hi. Think I have the same issue.
Is bumper off a necessity or just makes things easier?
If you a 997.2 the muffler has to come off so yes bumper has to come off as well. Its really easy to take the bumper off maybe 10 mins work
at most.

But if you have a 997.1 I have seen videos where people do the coil packs with the muffler and bumper still in place.


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Many Thanks for the reply.
Yes, it's a 997.2.
I have the same warning lights and codes as yourself albeit for cylinder 4.
It's had plugs recently so hopefully the muffler strap fixings won't be too corroded.
Yes it's not too bad a job of the exhaust bolts aren't seized. And with cylinder 4 you might not have to remove the heat shield to get at the coil pack.

I replaced all the exhaust nuts with copper ones and coated everything with copper ease so they won't get rusted on in the future.
Did you have to clear the DTC fault codes to remove the EML, or did they disappear ?
Im not sure if you have to clear the codes.... but I did it anyway and after a week in the Yorkshire Dales no codes have reappeared so I can safely say problem solved.

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