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Engine Over-Revving

Stephen Beech

New member
24 Apr 2006

I have had a 996 Carrera 2 (1998) for 4 months and its done 45k. Today all of a sudden, its started to over-rev in every gear leaving me with very slow acceleration. The clutch peddle feels a little spongey but Im not have any problems actually changing gear. With every gear change it revs to around 5000 revs with little pressure on the accelerator before coming straight back down.

Any ideas?

(Cheers in Advance)

Steve, Cheshire

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Sounds like a slipping clutch to me. Have it had the clutch replaced yet, Stephen? What happens if you put it in 4th on a hill, going slowly, then try to accelerate hard? If the clutch is slipping, it will rev higher but not pick up speed much. If it does need a new clutch, Personally I would get the RMS changed at the same time to be on the safe side. This will only cos £50 (ish) more but save a £750 bill if it does go later.

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Its over-revving in each gear. Will it defo need a new clutch? How much am I looking at for that?

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Depends where you go, Stephen. Porscheshop quote (I think) £450 + VAT OPC about a Grand. From where you are, it would be worth calling ninemeister for a quote.

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Cheers mate. I think my nearest main dealer is Stratstone but I'll try ninemeister. I did buy it from a dealer who gave me an RAC parts and labour warranty - I assume this wont be covered?

(and to think I sold my Lotus Esprit as I wanted hassle-free motoring !!!)

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But once you get it sorted, you won't look back. At 45,000 miles, any car can need a new clutch.

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