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Engine Cover Emergency Release


New member
4 Aug 2011
Hi All,
Today I started the job of replacing the Coil Packs on my 996TT. When I took the LH rear light unit out, there was a steel wire with a loop in the end, all coiled up loosely under the light. The wire passes through a hole under the light, into the engine bay and is attached to the engine cover latch release.
Clearly this should not be there, it should be routed somewhere accessible. Can anyone tell me where please?
Under the light unit on some models is standard .. it can also be routed under the heat sheild n/s/r .. bit of a pain to get at though .

There is a gap you can route it downwards under the light unit .. its closest to the engine .

For a thief .. there's not much they can do with the boot open and the alarm sounding so under the light unit is just fine .. makes it easier if you ever have to use it .. battery jump start on a 996 is in the boot .
Thanks deMort.
Under the light appears an odd choice from Porsche, as to remove the light and get to the engine cover emergency release, you have to open the engine cover.... OR, is there enough space to get a stiff wire in under the light unit and fish for the release wire?
There is enough space to fish the wire out, without having to remove the light unit. :D

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