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Emission control light

billy 997

28 Apr 2013
hi all , started my 997.1 up 2day and the idle was a bit rough then the central warning and emission control light came on and stayed on , did a 250 mile road trip last weekend and the car ran A1 , its a weekend car and has had little use since I bought it 6months ago , there was an advisory to have the coil pack changed at its last opc service 7months ago .
any ideas cheers
That's quite often the lamda sensor which needs to be replaced. That's what came into my mind first.
RPM in Herts, have had a look with there ,plug in , could be related to coil pack as it was misfiring on 2 cylinders, booked in to get them replaced
Sounds like the cheaper option then.
As already said the coil pack is the most likely cause. If you have driven in the wet or you keep the car out and it got moist on the coils then any cracks etc that did not cause any problems in the summer will do now..
I had the same issue last year and changing the coils fixed it

yes it is indeed the cheaper option around £350 for all 6 fitted.
the thing about the wet though, it is garaged an I havnt been out in the wet with it for a long time (I know its a waste),
it first happened after it hadn't been started for around 5 weeks.
The garage knocked the light off in the mean time, and I took it out yesterday for a blat and it ran like a dream , so fingers crossed its only the pack. They get fitted next week.
its been a couple of weeks since the coil pack was done, but did manage to get out in the c2 for a good hoon in the good weather this morning, it really seems to have made a great difference to its response on acceleration and pick up , happy bunny enjoying driving it now, ps do enjoy it more when the Mrs don't want to come to . :D

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