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Electric window question


New member
13 Mar 2022
Probably the most boring Friday evening post of the lot. A quick question. My passenger window will go down automatically ( after pressing the button). But I need to hold the button for it to go up. Is that normal or is something that I need to fix?

The downside of working on every model is i don't know off hand things like this ..

What i THINK ... G1 996 and the passengers side had one touch closure from fully open ..

G2 996 has one touch after it was halfway closed only .

997 certainly has one touch from half closed only .

The above is for safety reasons and the potential for someone sticking their head through the window unnoticed by the driver when closing this window .. hmm .. true but weird it should be needed !
Indeed. For info, it's a 54 plate. However there seems to be conflicting views on whether it should or shouldn't work.
First world problem but it's bugging me
I believe it's one touch from half way up on that model ... try it .. close the window a bit more than halfway then jab the window close button .. if it doesn't work then there is an issue .. switch is the most obvious but it could be other things i guess .

FIR .. Further Investigation Required ! .. lol .. it's what i put on service reports .

54 plate ? that's what 997 are .. it must literally be last of the model range and registered late if its 54 .
Thank you. I'll do some more digging over the weekend


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Have a look at the chassis number .. WP0ZZZ99Z3S .. 3 will be the model year .. for you it will be 3 or 4 .. i'm just curious is all .

4 to me is the second half of 2004 which was when the 997 was released .. september onwards .. hence id like to know to refresh the old grey matter :)

lapis must be the slightly darker colour blue .. either way .. dark metallic blue has always been my favourite colour ..

When the Cayman was launched the show car was this colour but everything possible was colour coded .. looked damn gorgeous i must say ... and i'm not a huge fan of the Cayman !
For the windows, and if I've no idea if this is the case for the 996, some cars need a 'reset" if the battery's been disconnected or if certain conditions are experienced (like window jammed).
Try pressing and holding down both window switches until the windows are down, then hold them down for three seconds. Then raise the windows, holding the switches up and when closed hold the switches for three seconds.
Then (for good measure) do one lower and raise, holding the button, for each window.
It's a long short but it's the sort of thing I've had to do on cars in the past.
Inthesticks said:
It's 99Z5S. Does that help ?

well that is surprising .. i thought the 996 range stopped at 04 .. yours is a 2005 model year .. that is one of the last possible off the production line .. i don't remember seeing that on a 996 before so perhaps only the C4S ?

Yup i could google it but i try not to as i work from memory ... anyone can google .

I started in 2004 , february , on Porsche .. hence its at the beginning of when i started and i didnt know much in those days !!

Technically as Porsche introduced 2 years servicing from model year 2004 you are in that category .

The first 997 had the 996 engines for the most part .

Anyways .. thanks for the info .. i was surprised i must say .

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