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Effect of new tyres ?


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21 Jan 2009
Put some new rears on my Gt3 and the handling is now all over the shop. Sways side to side Faaaar to much on the Mway. Was perfect beforehand.

I noticed on the outgoing tyres the inner shoulders were really well worn so is this a case of the new tyres needing to scrub in to a less than perfect square shape ?

Only other thing i can think of is the rears are pilot sport II N3 whereas the fronts still have the old pilot sports but I wouldnt have thought this could be the cause persoanlly.
So the same tyres as before or not?


Didn't you get the same feeling with new 452s on the 993?

Perhaps you are an oversensitive soul.... :grin: can you feel it when there's a pea in the mattress?
You need to wear out the shiny surface sealant.
GT4 said:
You need to wear out the shiny surface sealant.

out of the box new tyres are always a bit slippery that makes the car feel like a complete dog !
You need to wear them out a bit on our Goodwood charity track day Mr Jackal 8) only 2 places left you know
It can take over 100 miles for the effects of the mould release agent to wear off, even more for the tyres to scrub in to better match your set-up. If your car is still a little wayward after that, might be worthwhile visually checking them when running on a wheel balancer, to see if they are running true on the rims. :dont know:
They will be fine by the time you get to Dover :thumb:
Light the rears up ;) and it will be fine, as tyres have a release agent on the from when they come out the moulds.

It will get better.

I changed a full set on my 3 last year and to start off with it was like wet weather driving.

However a new set of boots after they had worn in over 200miles felt better than the 4 year old rubber i changed from 8)
The big, thick tread blocks will be moving about too.

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