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ebay problem - mis-described wheels


29 Aug 2009

Advice required, I bought these


and it turns out they are actually Boxster 'Sport Design' Wheels with 9" rears rather than anything for a 996 :(

Told the bloke, he mucked me about a bit despite me quoting part numbers etc. and eventually after about 7 email exchanges I opened an ebay dispute and made it official. I'd previously said to him I wanted a full refund and he takes them back or a part refund for the hassle and I'll re-flog them on ebay.

He is now offering a full refund but I've got to post the wheels back costing me about £25.

This hinges on an email he sent just after I bought the wheels with the BBS part numbers which showed 9j for the rears. This was on New Years Day and I read it on my phone and missed that bit but I was going on the item description anyway.

Basically, am I being unreasonable expecting all money back + my costs or should I just swallow the £25 and post them back?


I think you'll have to take the hit and pay the £25 postage if the opportunity was there to clarify exactly what you were buying.

Granted his description was off but he 'eventually' gave you an answer but not until you had bought them and which you missed on your phone. If you had picked it up you could have told him not to send them and get the refund straight off :dont know:

I've fallen foul of a few things that seem too good and normally they were - as they say it's difficult to polish a turd. :hand:

To ease your pain read the questions this guy was asked over his Ford Galaxy :thumb:

take the loss of £25 , i got done with something like this , bought a set of wheels that the seller said he took off his mk1 tt , so they should have fitted my A3 , paid £250 plus it cost me £100 and about 7 hours to pick up turned out they were Renault wheels that i ended up selling for £150 all they were worth ebay did not want to know even as i beleive set out to misslead me , hands up partly my fault next time i'll both them on outside before parting with my cash

lose £25 sounds like your seller just made a mistake

This is the way the law stands, if the seller in a business then you are entitled by law to get a full refund including any postage cost, under the sale of goods act, you must tell the seller within 30 days and reject the goods, even if the goods were correct (which they are not)

Looking at the seller he only sells car parts, this would make it a business not a hobby when you just sell the crap you have around the house.

Tell the guy you will report him to ebay for not registering as a business, and the inland revenue might be interested in his ebay sales

That should do the trick :D
Take the hit and move on......imo
As most say take the £25 hit Phil....it couldnt been a lot worse. Besides karma and all that, just remind yourself your winters wheel package was a bit of a steal.... :grin:

Everyone just be very careful about wheels on ebay...singles or sets. There are so many shifty people out there with absolutely no morals. I regularly get people telling me horror stories, and also have been stung with buckled wheels. And if they say refurbed then insist on seeing pics of the inside. Anyone can make a 'silver' wheel look mint.

One customer of mine thought he'd got lucky with a money spider once as he bought a set with silver cobwebs on the back :floor:

Buy from trusted well known sources and then at least you have some recourse.
he did quote the tyre sizes on the wheel rims in the advert, I don't know boxster vs 996 sizes, but to me, that is his get out of jail free card in this deal. you've done well to get him to take them back at all, and £25 is £6.25 per wheel and tyre,

Factor in the time you've spent arguing with him and phone calls or whatever, and the cost to you is only ever going to keep going up.

I'm afraid I'm with the, 'Take the hit' brigade on this one,

If you average it out over all your ebay deals, you'll probably come out the right side of it,

Threatening him with ebay rules and regs won't work IMO, he only has feedback for 147 deals so he'll just close his account and open another one and get more mates to leave him feedback, which he may have done on this account of course.

As for telling the revenue, I wouldn't tell him you're going to do this, and even if you do, just do it quietly and anonymously, after all, he has your name, address, ebay account details, email address, probably your phone number by now, ??? who knows.

I'm with the take the hit brigade. Move on, stay happy.

If the full description isn't in the ad then the sell has no idea what they're selling or they're trying to hide something.
His title is no more exaggerated than loads of similar ads and he's honest about the state of the wheels and tyres, making it impossible to prove his intention was to mislead.
Take the hit, you'll get over it and he'll probably be allowed to put them back up for free and get another buyer quickly.

Just to add it turns out his preferred courier will take them back to him for about £26 but when booking online I find out that the Insurance is only for £50! To insure for the correct value is an additional £22.50.

He did quote the tyre sizes in the ad (which are correct for the 996) but not the rim sizes.

I've told him to either:

1. reimburse my postage costs
2. offer a part refund and I'll re-sell them
3. refund in advance and take the risk if they are sent with standard Insurance

I'll let you know.

I'd go with the standard Insurance - I think the wheels are big enough not to get lost in the system. :thumb:

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