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Ebay Clay bars


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13 Jul 2011
HAs anyone used clay bars from ebay? They seem pretty cheap and most are free postage. I was doing my Touareg today and got through 2 full bars so am looking a cheaper alternative than the normal route of Megs etc.

If you have used them which ones? Thanks.
Dodo Juice "basics of bling" range is good for cheaper (but still decent) clay bars and other gear :)

No I haven't but given what the clay bar is intended to do on your bodywork is it worth risking the unknown?
It's only clay. It comes out the ground.

Massively overpriced, so I'm sure the eBay ones will start to bring a sense of reality in.

Let us know how you get on.

stebed said:
I was doing my Touareg today and got through 2 full bars so am looking a cheaper alternative than the normal route of Megs etc.

:eek: 2? One Meguiar's bar usually lasts me about 5 or 6 uses.

~ Maxie

yes 2 bars, this was my Touareg, so a big vehicle that I have neglected since the C4 joined the family. I have bought a Kestrel DA so the VW is my test bed for cleaning and polishing, I think tar spots were the main reason it went black so quickly but probably should have used a tar spot remover first. The C4 is washed more often so don't expect it to be so bad.
I'd be tempted to use something to get rid of the tar first, the guys at cleanandshiny.co.uk are very helpful they sorted me out the right products to use on my beetle, you might find that something like Ironmax might work but best to check first.
Good luck with using your DA on the Touareg, it took me over a week of evenings to get my Clio looking good and that has about 1/3 the body area of a Touareg, I'm putting off doing the Range Rover for as long as possible. You might struggle to get any decent pressure on the plastic front wings.

Yes I did struggle to do much correction on it. The paint is very hard. I used my Kestrel DA with Megs cutting compound and a lakeland cyan cutting disc. Didn't really get rid of many marks but did give me a great shine so I am happy with that for now. Next up is the C4 and that is covered in swirl marks so hope the Kestral can cope.

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