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early 996 or a facelift ?

Zahoor Hussain

Active member
27 Sep 2005
I've found there is about £10k in price difference between the early and later 996's (former about £30k and latter £40k), but is it worth it? Is there that much difference between the two ?
I prefer the facelift models but might have to rob peter to pay for it!

Would it be sensible to get an early 996 now and upgrade (in about 18 months) to the facelift. Do the facelift models still have a lot further to fall?

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I'm in exactly the same boat as you Zahoor.

The one advantage I have is that I am not planning on buying until later next year (August).

I have examined the market also and see the same trend. I'm not sure that the price directly reflects whether it is face lift or not. I think it is just down to the age and spec of the car as with any other car.

Big difference between a 1998 car and a 2002/3.....Thats 5 years. Take a some other makes and models...not being silly here or anything but they can be double the price !


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Facelift everytime if you can. Better engine, some suggestion they are less susceptible to RMS. Better front end IMO and i think when you come to sell it, you will find it easier and get your money back.

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dont think they are less susceptical to the RMS

IMHO theres no difference in that area

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I stand corrected! :)

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Iceman I don't think that I can wait until next year, if I did then I (or my better half) would have spent the money on something else! House refurbs are looming and I only have a small window of opportunity.

F1_dragon, I also prefer the facelift models which do tend to feel better put together. I was half hoping that an early 996 might represent better bet. :wink:

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Interesting thread.

Early 996's now look like incredible value for money although I'm told the post 2000 models are miles better.

I'd love to know what is really happening as it is hard to believe that 993's are holding their value better. EG why pay more for a 993turbo than a 996turbo?

The answer may well be in the supply side of the equation as the 996 seems almost common place nowadays. I even saw a Boxster up for sale in a dealer for £16750 (no, I didn't look closer).

Does this mean that there is no longer a floor to modern Porsche values?

A Porsche is a Porsche but is the 996 (or the early models anyway) heading the same way as the 964 and becoming unloved?

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Values have dropped so much due probably because of significant demand for the air-cooled 993, oversupply of 996's, the new 997, and the RMS thing!?

996's have never been better value, with prices now starting from £25k. Nevertheless they are not going to fall much further are they? If you told me that you could pick up a 996 in 12 months time for around £20k I wouldn't believe you (but that doesn't mean that it won't happen!).

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If it was my money, I'd buy an early one-

Firstly, if it is going to have any probs, the likelihood is that it would have by now. Secondly, you'll save money now and probably lose less £ in depreciation in the long run.

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That's certainly a good thought. And if I'd been in a position to have haggle over the Millenium edition 996 when I first saw it, (covered in back pages of the latest copy of 911 World) I could have been sitting in one now.

It's the torque and OTT of the 930 though ....

My short list

997 (any right now)

996 C4S cab

996 & 993 Targa

993 C4S

oh and my mate's 996 Turbo with an opppppptttttttttiiiiiiiiioooooonnnnssss list. £50K would make this a seriously good buy.

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Certainly the 996TT looks good value these days... one day :lol:

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The 996TT should start falling further in 2006 with the new 997TT launch, as things stand it will be around 2008 before they come into my price range!

I see that
TT made only £47k on ebay.

I'll keep looking at both models until the right one comes along.

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I still think that if you can live with the 996 interior, then sub £30K for a carrera would make day to day motoring a joy, unless something goes wrong. Thats a good enough reason to but from a delaer and get a good warranty.

Have you seen 911 World and the article by Peter Morgan on Porchses for £15K. That's an eye-opener!

As an aside, he makes the comment in the article that for every day stuff, the 996 has to be the better bet. For one thing it has that bit more space and the safety feartures have got to be an issue for an everyday car.

I bet this type of discussion has happended every week since the creation of this site. Ah well, back to work.

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