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e-bay and Origin B2

David Rose

12 Aug 2004
Ok now this bargain for £72 at the minute is mine so any of you lot look at another one please :wink:

Seems a bargain.

So why why why do people bid so early on e-bay and drive the price up instead of waiting till the very last minute?!

Seems an odd one to me or am I really missing something?! :?

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What item are you talking about ?

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Origin B2 GPS speed trap detector oops thought I'd said that! :oops:

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People are more likely to spend a bit more if they get in a bidding war at the end. They are willing to spend more to "win" the item (auction fever). If you get in early with a high bid, it kills peoples initial interest, so less watchers and less bidding competition. That's one possible reason.

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Know it sounds a bit dubious, but last christmas i sold a lot of Xboxs on ebay. The ones which got bid up high straight away never did as well as the ones which were way short of their value till the last few hours. That's the only thing i can think of as to why early bidding is of any benefit. Of course it makes no difference for the items which come up rarely on ebay.

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oh yup I believe you never thought of it that way before! Makes sense though. I never find that rare thingy that noone else wants foe 0.01p I always end up in a bidding war! :wink:

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I had a a B2 just before I got the 911 and didn't like it. I knew where almost all the cameras were and could often see new ones b4 it told me, Plus i didn't like all the wires so sold it (on ebay) when I got the 911......

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The B2 will come into it's own when you drive into a new area for the first time, it'll warn you leaving you to concentrate on driving rather than making sure you're not doing 33mph in a 30 :roll:
. It's also important to update the database thru the web regularly - I've found mine to be up to date for new sites in the 3 years I've been using mine.

For me the biggest advantage the B2 has over other devices is the ability to hard wire it into the car in a discreet spot instead of on the windscreen. The wires are there to give it this flexibility of mounting location and to hard wire in - fit and forget.

The device itself is also small enough to allow you to take it with you to minimise theft risk. A great piece of kit in my experience.

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I deliberately drove from Chertsey to Bromley just now without touching the M25 to put it to the test and my new B2 was 100% accurate and even with the factory settings, gave me plenty of warning of all the speed cameras on roads I haven't driven for years. I agree wih 993_2S, the warnings let you concentrate on driving, not watching the speedo. It definitely gets my vote.

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