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Dynamic Cornering Lights


27 Oct 2008
Hi all

I am looking at 997.2's and a nice car has just popped up for sale that has Bi-xenon Dynamic Cornering Lights. These are the headlights with the dual stacked bulbs within the housing. I believe these were an optional extra, however I hate the way the look and much prefer the standard looking headlights.


Can someone tell me what headlight types could be specified on a 997.2 and is it be possible to switch out these for the standard look?


The light unit in the picture is the 997 Sport Classic; with the black surround.

Options on the 997.2 were Halogen, Litronic (Xenon) with option code i601, and PDLS (DCL) with option code i603.

Halogen was a zero cost option to downgrade on the GT2 and I think the GT3. Referred to as the Lightweight lighting system.

There are two control units for the PDLS i603, 99761851101 and the Denso 99761832102. 99761851101 is the standard controller for the 997.1 with Halogen strangely.

There is one control unit for i601, 99761851201. These are bi-xenon, even though the unit is single D2S Xenon bulb for headlight, and a standard Halogen for main beam, which might be the H7 bulb. I'd have to check.

Moving to Halogen would be easy enough, however, you would need to remove the Denso controller; you already have the front control unit required.

Moving to Litronic i601 would be similar to Halogen, but would require removal of the Denso controller and replacing the front control unit to 99761851201.

You would also need to either cut the loom or repin the headlight. I have the electrical schematic somewhere, but it's also in the FAQ here I think. The controllers would also need recoding. Your local Indy could help, mine (Zuffenhaus) would be able to do it no problem.

Personally if I were going to make the change, I would find a suitable pair of lights, have them re-lensed or refurbished properly, get the control unit required and find a suitable loom as a donor from a salvage vehicle. The looms are specific to age and type, such as Carrera 2/2S and Carrera 4/4S. You only need the lights part of the loom.

Buying any of those things new would be prohibitively expensive; for instance the loom for Litronic i601 is circa £1,500 new and a pair of headlamps are over £4.5K. The Halogens are around £1K each. You will also need small parts, such as frames and bolts, but these are usually only a few pounds.

Used would be much cheaper. A suitable loom would be between £350 and £700. A pair of Litronic i601 lights probably around £1K. The controller would be around £250. Fitting would be at least one day for an Independent at between £50 to £60 per hour.

Do you still want to do it?
Really useful plavix, thanks so much for posting the info.

To answer your question, no I don't think the cost/effort is really worth it to change the headlights. I was hoping one of the other 2 headlight options might be plug and play but suspected the answer was going to be no. It just helps me when searching for cars as I'll discount cars that have the PDLS lights as I personally don't like the design and the cost to change them is too much to make it worth while.
OK so can I just check, these are the 3 headlight options that were available? Was the litronic a popular option?

Standard Halogen headlight

Litronic headlight - I601

PDLS - I603
I get that you don't like the look of the light units but the difference between output over halogen is significant especially if you do regular night driving and want a good forward distance of the road lit up.

I wouldn't consider a car with halogen over litronic if the spec was comparable. Going foward LED is a game changer to another level.
TrevS said:
OK so can I just check, these are the 3 headlight options that were available? Was the litronic a popular option?
Yes, those are the ones. The Litronic i601 was a standard option on all S cars, and I think on all 997.2 cars. Honestly you're probably going to want to focus on looking for an S, and not just due to the lights and the 3.8. PASM was standard too.

In terms of simplicity, the best option is re-pin the replacement Litronic i601 lights. Any competent auto-electrician would be able to do it, and it would not cost all that much. This would also mean retaining the original lights to replace when it's time for resale. Your plug and play option, almost.

If it's a keeper, change the loom, sell your existing lights and buy a control unit for around £150 on fleabay. Funnily enough, I have a suitable 4/4S loom from my PASM retrofit project. I'll swap you. Your lights in good condition are worth at least £750 each by my reckoning.

I have to confess, I agree with Zingers, as usual. I would always prefer the superior light output. i601 and i603 are broadly similar in output. The Morimoto, suggested by remarklima, appears to have excellent performance, however, it is not available in RHD UK specification and probably won't be for the foreseeable future. To my eye the quad-dot DRL doesn't look very nice either.
997.2 Carrera models only came with bi-xenon or PDLS. Mine has PDLS and it was one of the spec items I wanted.
Each to there own as they say. I actually prefer the look of the 1603 lights on my 997.2. Also the output is truly amazing so I am very happy they were on my car when I bought it.
I've got PDLS on my GTS, but high beam is halogen to my surprise. The light cornering stuff is a bit meh in my opinion in my Ltd experience with it.
Magic919 said:
997.2 Carrera models only came with bi-xenon or PDLS. Mine has PDLS and it was one of the spec items I wanted.

That's really good to know so any 997.2 should either have xenon (Litronic) or the PDLS lights?


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