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Dusty engine


11 Jan 2021
Noticed today that the engine and engine bay are very dusty, Alot of dust on the roads in Finland after so much grit has been used over winter.

I didn't want to use a pressure washer for fear of damaging electrics and seals. I was thinking a solution of car shampoo and water in a hand spray bottle and plenty of rags followed by Quick Detailer to chase the water out and act as a drying aid.

Any advice on how best to tackle this greatly appreciated. Only will be cleaning what I can reach by opening the rear lid.
Just get it gunked and steam cleaned that's what garages do when cleaning up after an engine oil leak. That will get rid of any dust and oily dirt too

Give it a hoover with a brush nozzle on the end you will be surprised how well it comes up, then if you want you a back to black on your pipes and plastics, no need for lots of water and the issue this might bring.

If you have a look on my thread link below you will see I did this and the results, nor sure what page though.
Muc off bicycle cleaner followed by a gentle hose down and it will look like new.
I always avoid adding too much water to my engine bay. Just work on a small section at a time, say a quarter. Spray on a diltued APC, I like Koch Chemie Greenstar, let it sit for few mins and then agitate with a brush, remove the residue with some old damp microfibre towels (rinsing regularly), repeat if necessary.

Once I've completed whole engine bay and deck lid, I like to spray on a light coat of Carpro Perl (diluted at 5:1) over the black plastic parts, again work in the milky liquid with a brush. Once it dries it adds a really nice lustre to the black plastic :thumbs:
Thanks for the replies. I'll give it a bez.

Think I'll go for the bit by bit approach with a handheld hoover first, then heavily concentrated car shampoo with warm water in a hand sprayer, some sort of agitator brush, and then dry with towels. Finally treat rubber/plastic with Wurth Rubber Care spray,

Will try to take before & after pics if I remember,
vacuum cleaner and an old paint brush to get the worst of it then shouldnt need any more than a damp cloth for the rest


  • screenshot_2021_05_11_at_142044_106.png
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Followed my methodology and not sure it looks that different after an hour of faffing about but the clothes were pretty dirty afterwards so something came off :thumbs:

Now let's see if it starts!


  • screenshot_2021_05_11_at_142108_117.png
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That is/was not a dusty engine! :lol:
Took the air filter cover off too and cleaned it inside and out. That was full of dust and had some leaves in too. Took the filters off briefly and vacuumed them but didn't seem to do much. Should be ok until the major service in August.

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