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Durametric for Dummies - Any pointers please?

4 Nov 2016
MisterCorn very kindly sent my mate and I his Durametric. When we ran it, we got a load of codes for things I would expect to see like the dying battery, dodgy alarm and missing Litronics. So we know it is running and communicating with the car.

Sadly we are not getting any data that would remotely help us with why she isn't running after upgrading all of the air intake parts to 987/997 versions. She returned no engine fault codes.

Could anyone suggest some good 'Live Data' parameters for us to view as we try to start her please? We clicked on some obvious ones, but get nothing, this may well be because the car refuses to do anything more than crank now!

Did some searches on here, but nothing really came up, just people talking about not being able to get the OBD running or conversely talking about their resultant codes.

We also tried popping the 986 TB and plenum back in, attaching the 986 MAF to the loom with no housing though.... nada. When we did the mods, there was a time she would run without the MAF, we don't even have that grace now sadly.
If the car cranks then you need to check if you have a spark .. using a noid light i would also pull an injector connector off .. fit this then crank .. it should flash .

If you have a spark , injector switch ( noid light flashes ) and NO engine fault codes then the car has either run out of fuel or the pump isn't working .. you basically have no fuel pressure young man .

You would need to check fuel pump relay but as i've said before .. this sounds like a fuel supply issue and this needs checking .

The outside chance is a faulty DME .. we are into lottery numbers here so i doubt this but it's always something to bear in mind .
Thank you, Iain.

I have literally no idea what a noid light is :lol:

Can we buy anything to check the fuel pressure?

Faulty DME sounds expensive, is that fear founded?
Would the fact it ran for 5 seconds last time we spent a day on it suggest fuel pump was ok then?

Or could we really be thinking the mods haven't upset things and the whole times it's been fuel related?

Take it the pump isn't near where we were working?
Young man .. i think i mentioned fuel pump quite a while ago as a possible cause .. the fact it ran for a bit would be enough pressure to get it started which dropped off and the car cut out as the pump couldn't keep up with the supply needed .

The fact that it doesn't start at all now also indicates the pump has now failed totally .No fault codes .. the car can NOT monitor fuel pressure so you wont get a fault code .

It's just an educated guess on my part but it IS one that fits your symptoms hence .. it needs checking and it's one of the first things i would be doing .

Even if only to rule it out .

You need a fuel pressure gauge connected .. finding one is the issue .. there are many fuel kits out there .. we actually have 4 different kits just to get the connections needed for each porsche .

You will need to investigate i'm afraid as its pointless me saying this or that kit might work as 1 of our kits is not even made anymore !
The return of Marty Wild said:
What is a DME reset do we think? Could we do harm in your professional opinion? Wonder what happened in the end with that story.


You don't have a GEN 2 997 with a dfi engine .

A dme reset is an adaption reset .. you cause a fault code such as unplugging the maf whilst cranking you then clear the fault code with a tester and it resets the adaptations back to base settings .

Adaptations will NOT be your issue so its not needed .
The return of Marty Wild said:
Wonder what happened in the end with that story.


I don't know .. i answer a question and if no further questions i move on .

That particular post .. altering coding with a non porsche tester and i had to be carefull .. he mentioned ECU so i was unsure if that was engine or cluster chip ..

If i say yup .. press that button .. see what happens and the end result is it needs a new instrument cluster then i could potentially be sued ..

I do this for a living hence my advice needs to be correct .. thats why im more cautious than others might be ... i'm giving professional advice to the best of my abilities on cars i can't see or actively diagnose .. a juggling act shall we say .
Many thanks for coming back. Appreciate you need to be super careful.

So in short, fact we have no engine based error codes points to fuelling issues.

I'd have to think we caused this with our works though. Could you think of anything we would have down in that area that could cause fuelling issues sorry, mate?
None whatsoever !!

Remember one of the emails i sent you .. sods law .. sometimes items just fail .. remember i mentioned the Cayman that went for a wash and then wouldn't start .. fuel pump relay decided to pack up at that particular point !!!

Nothing to do whatsoever with what we had done ,, relay is under the dash drivers side .. it just failed at that point .

Trust me .. it happens but im my job .. far better it happens to us than to a customer after work has been carried out .

That also does happen and again nothing to do with the garage but a customer will always think .. they have had the car .. i have this issue so it must be linked .

Sods law or Murphy's law .. call it what you will but if something can go wrong it will eventually go wrong and at any point .

Either way .. fuel supply is something that NEEDS checking if ONLY to rule it out .. the symptoms fit the description .. after that i need to see the car as i don't have any other options to suggest .

DME failure .. lottery numbers means .. the chances of that failing are the same as winning the lottery .. it can happen but the odds ??

Possible but unlikely .

Enough for tonight young man :thumb:

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