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Driving POsition

David 4S

Active member
31 Oct 2004
Hello Everyone.

I had my 996 4S for a month and the standard seats give me terrible back-aches, despite being in my 30's !!!

Did anybody face the same issue when buying their first 996 and would people advice on the proper driving position !

Many thanks,


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Hi David

I would be more than happy to investigate for you what the problem is - give me the car for a month or so and I will give you a full report!

Only kidding, I had problems in a Boxster (same seats) it was a manual left hander, I think it was just being nervous for me - (wasn't used to driving a LHD car at the time) I did get used to it but playing around with the position made it helpful.

In my 996 I have the seat as low and as far back as it goes now, but at first I had quite high and close to the pedals - that made it easier - sorry I am not too helpful but I kind of know what you mean...

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I'm 6'7" with pretty long legs (37" inside leg) so with any car I drive I automatically put the seat all the way back. After driving my 996 C4 for a month or two like this I was getting backache, but cured this by moving the seat forward a good inch or two -- a little more cramped for my legs but not too much. I was driving with my arms stretching a bit too far (although it didn't feel like it) and with the standard C4 seats offering little lateral support I was probably straining my back muscles while hanging onto the steering wheel going round corners.

If the 4S has the sports seats as standard then maybe you have the problem that I noticed when looking for a 996 and tried one with sports seats: the shoulder wings stopped my spine making contact with the seat back because of my wide shoulders.

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