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Drive from London to Malaga


25 May 2009
Hi All

Hope everyone is well and enjoyed their cars over the summer!

I'm planning to drive down to Spain and stay down there for a few weeks in my trusty 993.

Thought I would ask those far more experienced than me in driving on the continent, if there were any route recommendations or things definately not to miss on the way there, or on the way back of course.

I think it should take 2 days to get there if you put your mind to it, but I don't mind taking a day or two longer if there are some good roads, sights on the way.

I'm heading off in mid November (hopefully it will still be a bit on the warm side and not raining too much).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Get the ferry to Santander and then enjoy the Spanish roads (just avoid Madrid :thumb:

I'd go via Salamanca and Seville
I'd make sure to try and avoid ANYWHERE IN SPAIN!!!!! :cop: :pc: :cop: :pc: :cop:

Overnight ferry to Santander cuts out the French auto-route tedium, but then you miss out on the splendour of places like La Rochelle, or the haunting ghosts of Oradour-sur-Glane.

Whichever route you take, make sure you have plenty of euros for the toll booths and mobile tax collectors :cop: fully operational aircon and some decent tunes to while away the dull bits :thumb:
As Jim said don't miss La Rochelle or annecy both of them are amazing places. Also take the d996 it's One of the best roads in France IMO.
Also be awear of the revenue generators :cop: in France and Spain.
Reims is worth a quick look if you have time.
:envy: I wish I was going again :thumb:
I think the Portsmouth/Bilbao/Santander ferries stop early November.....
Thanks for the inputs guys.

Looks like I'll need a bit more cash to pay the fines or just drive slowly!

I thought about the ferry but 20 hours or so on a boat does not sound much fun given I cannot spend too long at the bar as I have to drive when I get out. And like you say I will miss some of the good bits of France.

I'll take your advice on the points of interest and work out some kind of a route and see how I get on.
I'm planning on driving the GT3 from Calais to Ayamonte next summer.
I will be using some of the roads, that Jackel recommended, through the Pyrenees. 1500 miles and 24 hours of driving :)
Tunnel, north of paris, lyon, and onward,
Milau, Costa Brava, Barcelona, take 2 or three days.
Take your time.
Keep it arpound the ton, and the fines are do-able through France.
The roads in Spain are about as good as the Mossas d Esquadra
A Pile o' Sh te.
if coming through france you could do a lot worse than seek out the D996 and also do route napolean as well ... i personally love the 996. A little bumpy but 2 hours of absolutely zero cars and tons and tons of bends.

swing west at nice and head for the pyrenees

if you have time then head west along the N260 south side of the pyrenees and do not miss the incredible N162, one of the very best roads ive ever driven

full details of all of these on my website
Jackal is right on the money, they are brilliant roads :driving: :cloud9:

It will double the journey time but it is worth every second :worship:
Thanks again for everyones input.

I've just spent some time with google maps, your thoughts and Jackels website. I thnk I'll take the shorter route on the way out but may try some of the roads D996 etc that have been suggested on a longer route back depending on how I and the car are feeling and the weather!

So I'm thinking; London, Dover, Calias, Le Mans (lunch), La Rochelle (overnight), Pamplone (lunch), Valladolid (overnight), Merida (lunch), ending up in Olvera (the actual destination).

Hopefully it will all go well. Picking the car up tomorrow morning from its annual service and I'll be handing over £1800, which is lots of vino euros lost!
Dont forget Cevennes and Gorges du Tarn ... mindblowing stuff

There are lots of good routes south of barcelona too ... Use the best biking roads website

Calais to pamplone is 100% Mway slog.
The moterway slog does not sound like too much fun :nooo:

I see why going the other way although taking longer is more smiles per mile.

I'll check out the othere places Jackel just mentioned and think I'll have a longer and more fun way back

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