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Double beep on unlock


New member
11 Sep 2013
Hi on my '99 C2 996 getting double horn beep on unlocking the car. Latch also makes a movement noise immediately after unlocking. Almost like it's attempting unlock twice.
Reading forums this suggests the open position micro switch in the latch is not functioning.
Any idea how I tell if it's the passenger or driver's side latch to replace?

I greased the latch on both sides to ensure they are moving freely and everything looks spot on.

You'd expect to be drivers as gets more use but guess could be either.
Passenger side does need a new window regulator ( really annoying as the drivers side was a pain in rear end to do) so I'm hoping it's that one so I can kill two birds.

Without having access to PIWIS, it's a guess, but drivers side is the most sensible. Both will be tired if original though.

I had this and both were worn. I replaced the drivers door one first, which improved things massively, but still got the odd double beep. I then did the passenger side and it's been fine ever since.

At the time, there were some cheap £28, MK1 Audi TT parts with 9 pins on Ebay, which were spot on for my 98 C2 cabrio. Lately though, they seem hard to find and often are for left hand drive cars.

The fault on mine was obvious. There's a plastic cam which turns and presses the button on the microswitch sensor. Over 20 years the cam wheel had worn, as had the button on the microswitch. So it was barely connecting when pressed.
Had the same issue, it was the drivers door lock mechanism, changed that and all was well. My drivers window also developed a mind of its own and wouldn't stay dropped when I wanted to close the door.
Thanks guys really appreciate the responses.
I stuck the c-tek battery trickle charge on Friday morning and left it till today to remove. Strangely the beeping has now stopped and the unlock appears fine. I'm wondering if the battery was a bit low which was causing the problems.
Have been out driving the car today for about 4 hours, nice weather inbetween a few showers. No issues with the lock at all.

Going to keep an eye on it. No doubt it'll crop up again in which case I'll replace the drivers side first and go from there.
Check your scuttle drains are clear? My other non-Porsche had all sorts of weird electrical problems eg central locking that would lock then immediately unlock and power steering that would go dead for a millisecond then come back, eventually worked out that the electrics were getting wet after washing/rain and since I cleared the outlets all issues have disappeared. The OBD was reporting no issues.

A cheap and easy check to do, worth having a look.


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