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Does Colour Matter ?


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2 Feb 2005
How much does colour matter on a 993 ?

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It matters a quite a bit if you're thinking of selling. Silver and black cars are in, white cars are not, so the latter will take longer to sell, or you'll have to drop your price. In my humble opinion anyway.

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See your Point !

Thank you.

Is Dark Green a good colour ?

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I'd say nearer the bottom of the easy-to-sell-on scale.

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Hi Daniel.Silver and black will always be popular choices but are a bit boring.Iris blue is good colour and there is also a very individual green colour.My own 993 is Zenith blue which I think is very nice.

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Hi Daniel

I think you'll find the base and non standard colours are ordered for very individual tastes. If/when you come to sell on, it'll either take longer to privately sell or a dealer will most certainly bid you down for partX. Are you sure the 4 is green?. The carrera 2 looks more green than the 4


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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Christopher Hunter on 03 February 2005

......Iris blue is good colour ....
Totally agree, but then I am a somewhat biased... :D

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White 993: hideous...

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But not in Japan - big premium for white over there.

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Warren's 100% right, White is the colour here! BUT following in close 2nd is Basalt Black then Artic Silver and recently Seal Grey.

I sold my Basalt Black 2003 C2 for about GBP 3,000 more than what a Lapis blue/ midnight blue or anything other nice colour would go for!

Personally, I like the classic, blue / beige combination BUT it looks like the new car - which I order tomorrow is going to be Basalt Black / Black! Its cool - I really like black!

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Sounds good! 997 then, Servo?

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Swings and roundabouts- you'll pay less for an 'undesirable' colour, but will get less at resale time, plus it may take longer to sell.

I read a buyers guide in 911&PW mag which said white, guards red, arena red and aventura (dark grey-green which I suspect you allude to above) green were not desirable colours. Which suits me as I love arena red!

At the end of the day, I'd buy on quality and history first, colour (as long as you don't actively dislike it) second.

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Thank you Robert...

I love the Dark green and Dark red..


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Sounds, like me, that you are on to a winner then! (he says having not long bought an 993 Targa in 'undesirable' arena red!) FWIW, recently saw a mint 993 Targa in 'undesirable' guards red which sold in a very short space of time...

Again, I think 911s are one of the very few cars which can pull off White well (think original 2.7RS, 911 Clubsport and 996GT3 RS)

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each to their own... or as the ones with few words to mumble.. say !

in the end 'metallic's are more sought after but then again there are more of them, whereas and the standard colours are in less demand although there are less of them available...

you buy for less, you sell for less....

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