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Does colour change affect value?


Sao Paulo
12 Jan 2020
What are the thoughts on this?
It depends, 'from what to what?' and more especially 'why it was changed?'.

As long as the new colour combo is good it shouldn't affect value but the change may limit the pool of potential buyers.
To most Id say yes. I am mid process changing from Zenith to Cobalt and I am fully aware it would put people off but I am trying to document this as much as I can so I can show what was involved.

My reason is due to other body work required pretty much the whole car needing done and I saw it as a chance to get something I couldnt otherwise buy. If done correctly and documented right I dont think its an issue.

What I wouldnt like is have lots of traces of the old colour showing through.


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I agree about it needing to be done properly. Realistically this means engine out, glass out, doors and wings off. On my car which I had resprayed, when it went for its MOT they thought it was factory paint as it was all done throughout the engine bay and in the scuttle area, basically you could only see the original colour anywhere if you start to take the car apart.

Would a colour change impact price more than respray in same colour? :?:
On more normal stuff it's not a huge issue, although I still wouldn't want a colour changed car.
On older more exotic cars though it's definitely a negative rather than a positive.

They're only original once an' all that.

If I was doing a colour change I'd want it to be a bare shell rebuild so it was almost as good as being that colour from the factory.

Having said all that I think subtle changes can look excellent, such as Graham above going from Zenith to Cobalt. A subtle difference, but worth doing as it's a much nicer colour. 8)
I keep thinking of going from midnight blue to speed yellow but that's probably because speed yellow is in fashion right now. Get it done at a decent garage and you should be ok.
I'm not actually thinking of changing colour. I bought my car because it is white and I really like them in white. I had no idea at all my car was originally zenith blue!! I only discovered a day or so later.

My car had a colour change in 2011. Not accident damage and all original panels including bonnet. You can tell if you start stripping things out as you can see the original blue in odd hard to get to places. Other than that you could not tell. Door shuts, under bonnet etc etc are all white. The previous owner did not like the zenith blue. In honesty I would not have bought it in zenith.

I'm not selling my car and never will as far as I'm concerned so it's all a bit irrelevant really but did raise an interesting discussion.

A nice guards red car with black leather but resprayed properly just for colour change imo is more desirable than a horrid colour with an interior only Stevie Wonder could sit in without throwing up.

Anyway, proper respray all day long rather than wrap. Wraps end up looking awful after a while
Anyway because of rambling I forgot what I was going to say. If you do change the colour write the paintcode on the car history somewhere. I'm getting a rear bootlid/wing and skirts fitted shortly and have no idea of the paintcode without guessing The body shop have said they have no way of finding out either. Looks like the car will get a full respray again at this rate.
I've done it, it's my car and I will do whatever I want to it! With other mods, it is not factory anyway.

I've spent so much on it, no way I could sell it for at least 10-15 years! "‹I am sure it is a de-value for most, but someone will appreciate the changes when the time comes. In the mean time, I am enjoying it, and did it all for my own pleasure.

I am convinced collectingcars is the perfect place to sell such a car.


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As T8 says it will limit the pool of potential buyers, but a change to a popular colour may increase appeal to others over the original. I think in favour of a colour change done well is that nobody is going to go to the trouble and expense of a thorough colour change on a bad car or do a half arsed job. I suppose there is the question of hiding a car's identity and shady origins but full documentation should resolve that.
Did anyone watch JayEmm's experience with his 'blue" Lamborghini? He never did find out the backstory...
I am planning on a sand/crayon colour change eventually (currently L744 black), either the 996 (using as my reference model) or the one behind top right.

Not bothered about value / resale. Just what I like.


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Mine needs paint and was one of the reasons I wrapped it, the wrap is looking tatty now on a few edges so was toying with wrapping again but another colour. But I'm also thinking of a full paint colour change as this would proably take less time than wrapping again, I've always wanted PCNA Club Blau but the paint code is top secret. I've currently been obsessing over Signal Yellow as this would look awesome on the Targa,

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