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Does anyone know this car? WB 06 EBM


New member
21 Aug 2014
Hi All,

I hope all are well. Does anyone know this car WU06 EBM?

It's not online anymore so don't have any links to the car but just wondered on the very slim off chance if anyone here knew the plate or had owned it in the past?

I don't think many people will have seen it in the last few years.

According to MOT history it's only done 1k miles since 2017. :grin:
Ha ha. Not sure garage queen is enough of a description for this one!
I ended up having a PPI on this car, if anyone else is looking at it and is interested i'll be happy to share. Feel free to PM me
Assume from that comment you've passed on the car?
If it's a significant finding, please consider posting a bit more into and the VIN
Apologies just got round to this. The car has since sold so I won't post details as it wouldn't be fair on the current owner but I just hope they had a PPI on it.

The car was a few hours away so I hadn't seen it (lockdown rules) so the dealer sent me a video/pics and told me the car was 'good to go' but just as an example, it needed two front tyres as they were cracking, RMS leak and it had a major leak from the front coolant hoses which I know is common but suggests the dealer just put it up for sale without doing any prep work at all and to check those I would think is a basic check for any dealer.

Inspector noted blue smoke on start up from the N/S exhaust, ticking when cold, suspension refresh required and just generally seemed an unloved example, it had 2 KUMO's, a Michelin and a Goodyear on it which to me (maybe i'm wrong) means the previous owner wasn't bothered too much.

Due to restrictions couldn't do a borescope but either way not sure it would have made much difference to my decision. They said they were organising a warranty but then said they couldn't provide one so made the decision to walk away.

Took a few weeks to get my deposit back too, I've read on a number times 'buy the seller' and the dealer selling it just didn't fill me with any confidence at all.

Its not one of the specialists but this dealer do have a few Porsches in their inventory, I don't like to name and shame as my experience could have been a one off (although there are some other reviews which say otherwise) but if you do want to know feel free to PM me.
Forgot to add: the dealer had said they had done some remedial works but every time I asked for a list of what has been done it was never sent and just ignored.
Sounds like a bullet dodged!
Did you find a good one and buy in the end?
This sounds very similar to a dealer I had a couple of interactions with, began with 'I'.
Needless to say I gave them a wide berth after that.
Frustrating getting to the PPI stage, but saved you the initial outlay many times over by the sounds of it

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