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Does a car colour add anything to a resale value ?

Griggor said:
tom_nieto said:
Midnight blue is best blue.

Honestly there are so many black, silver and white 997.2's that I'm sure a more interesting colour would at least sell more quickly.


I bought a C4GTS 2yrs ago in midnight blue. Love it. Haven't seen too many in this colour. Must confess...have always thought they look pretty awesome in black as well

my old gen1 was midnight blue , lovely colour when its clean in the sun :grin: :thumb:


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Tobyone said:
I always wanted a black car with a beige interior, no idea why but I always liked it.
Until one day a black car was parked up with the light brown interior, this was followed by a guy behind me saying 'Oh no look suicide beige'

Put me off for life that did

Was that Jonttt :floor:
I do think that the most desirable colours will add some value, but will also be in higher demand. So in a quiet market will sell quicker than the more boring / common colours.

I too think that Dark Blue metallic is one of the best colours, it is very similar to Midnight Blue, which seemed to come to an end on the 997.1


Though as you can see mine also has the suicide beige interior. More marmite than the blue for sure, but I personally really like it. But then I like the Cocoa interior too :mrgreen:
m blue.

Definitely preferred this weather.


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I think colours and their effects can be broken into three broad categories:

- Mundane common colours like silver/grey/black
- Rarer but not exotic like white/red/blue/yellow
- The out there colours that will divide opinion

The middle bracket has surely got to command a higher value. When I was looking for a Cayman 987, I had begrudgingly excepted I'd end up in silver/grey/black. When Tom 911v came along with a white one, I just couldn't believe my luck.

On the R32oc, the 'Tornado' reds and Barry boy 'Deep Blue Pearl' commanded a premium without a shadow of a doubt. And why wouldn't they, people into their cars and dropping more than the bare minimum on a Piggot 108 through leasing etc...

These people care about how the cars look etc, hence colour is important. Ultimately condition and spec is more important, but colour is right up there too IMO.
Oh well that means I've just bought a mundane car in Black!!

Lets be honest it's all personal preference. If white is so sought after how come there are so many white GT 3 and GT S for sale and have been for a while.

Met Black is a great colour but flat black is a def no no as it scratches very easily and is a nightmare to stop swirls appearing but put a Ceramic coat on it and it shines.
Arctic Silver is pretty common but GT Silver looks good.
Red I always associate with Guards Red of the 70's
Yellow I just don't understand why anyone wants a yellow car, you can see them from outer space! Wonder if as many people would have ordered it if they'd called it Fyffes Yellow instead of Speed Yellow! Sorry S/Bob.
Blue looks good but not with Black wheels, there's a 991 for sale at an OPC and I phoned about it and the salesman admitted they were struggling to sell it even though it belonged to Eric Clapton!
Lava Orange, err nope
Purple, err nope
Green looks good on a GT 3RS but I think it might not stand the test of time

The thing is the mundane colours might be mundane but they sell.
easternjets said:
Oh well that means I've just bought a mundane car in Black!!

You can't leave it there EJ. :hand:
I will have to for now.

Until it's safely in my garage I'm saying nothing other than to say it's Black and a 911 :hand:
Funnily enough I knew that could be a inflammatory remark, chose to leave it in there. Don't get me wrong.... there is nothing better than a freshly detailed black car. Only thing is, you then start the engine and it needs cleaning again.

After my black R32 I promised myself to never have one again, too much upkeep, alas both of my cars are now black through powers beyond my control. Black isn't mundane, it's just massive amount of hard work, and towards the commonplace too.

Since owning the white 987 with black, I am massively bias. Just love the look and keeping clean was surprisingly easy. Didn't even need to dry it after a wash, no water marks. My absolute go to now.

Interesting point on the white GT3s, not keeping an eye on the market. Mileage, spec and condition nothing to do with it?! Disproportionately more is there?!
On the GT 3 front, there are a lot of white cars for sale but I do think there were a lot produced. Biggest snag with the GT 3 3.8 ltr is obviously the engine.

It's quite a bizarre conversation when you phone a seller and they say 'Don't worry mate it's got a Porsche 10 year warranty on the engine, so if it goes bang your covered!' You then point out that your not into buying ticking time bomb's.
If it ain't got a 'G' series engine then you walk away, at least that's what I've been told repeatedly.

I think I've looked at nearly every single Porsche 911 that's for sale in the UK over the last few months!!
I think in relation to the OP's original question, i'll quote the late Paul Daniels "Not a lot"... but a little.

Silver and Grey will and i'd expect remain popular for some time. They look good and hide road grime very well, however Black interiors are a must IMO as Blue & Grey interiors, particularly in Porsche fashion... (every surface visible) don't work nearly as well.

Bright colours like Speed Yellow should IMO be left for the GT/RS models. They look great on track focussed cars, however and maybe i'm on my own... they're a little shouty on a car that would never see a track and more akin to the pub or supermarket run out!

Blue's, Blacks, Whites and Reds, it's all personal choice.

BenB91 said:
I would say no but special colours can sell quicker. I.e. guards red and aqua blue are both sought after.

It's funny you say that. Guards red tends to be marmite on vanilla 911, as some mag perceive it as too flashy and the 'it's not a Ferrrari" colour..

There's a 997.2 S which is materially cheaper than the rest for similar vintage / mileage.

As for Aqua I think it's probably one of the nicest colours Porsche has ever offered but when I was trying to sell my 991.1 back in 2013 before Blue became fashionable again, I was being told by dealers that black or grey would sell more easily :)

By contrast my Voodoo Blue 991.1 GT3 which I ordered blind sold in less than 24hrs on the colour (and I guess condition) alone.

So really hard to say. But I think non metallic bold colours suit best GT cars. Metallic non controversial colours seem to suit the q car status the 911 now has.

Popular colours, then, appear to lose their value faster due to the fact there are more cars available in those hues to choose from. While a popular car colour like black or silver may get more interest and sell faster to a Car buyer, my analysis indicates it may not get as high a value as a car, say, in yellow.

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