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Do I need wheel alignment?-update issue resolved

Jason Taylor

15 Feb 2012
I've had fitted 20" wheels (Oem) to my 997.1 TT, I used 7mm spacers on the front to give clearance and plan to fit 5mm spacers to the rear to balance it out.
The car has been back to the opc today for something else and they noted that there is shaking on the steering wheel at approximately 65mph and they also noted that the steering wheel is out of alignment. Would a 4 wheel alignment sort this? the technician said the issue was that the car had non standard wheels (not 19" supplied with the car) and spacers but I did canvas opinions prior to fitting the wheels on this forum and plenty of you guys seem to have 20" wheels with spacers fitted without issue.

I'm based in the northeast I'd really like to just take it to someone who can deal with it for me if anyone can recommend me a specialist.

Would really appreciate some advice.

Shaking or vibrations ?
If former, then likely track control arm bushes are shot at 10+ years. The bigger wheels expediting its demise.
If latter then front wheels need rebalancing, preferably road force balanced, if not already done so.
There could be other issues, but i would think it easiest to start here and work back?
Are the spacers hub centric? If not then they could be causing the shaking

Steering wheel out of alignment leads me to believe you've got another issue so worth a visit to a decent alignment place such as Centre Gravity.
I take it you've ruled out wheel balancing :dont know:

Any shaking I've encountered outside of opening my wallet :roll: has been where the wheel has thrown a weight or incorrectly balanced.
Zingari said:
I take it you've ruled out wheel balancing :dont know:

Any shaking I've encountered outside of opening my wallet :roll: has been where the wheel has thrown a weight or incorrectly balanced.

I had the sensors changed last week and whilst in I had the wheels balanced at halfords so I'm pretty sure it isn't that, the spacers are hubcentric so I can rule that out, car has 43k miles, never tracked, certainly in the last 10 years, I think I'll get the 4 wheel alignment done and see if that works, I can't seem to find a specialist outside the usual garages where I could take it to who would diagnose and remedy the issue within a reasonable distance from me so it's back to halfords I think.
Hi , ive had my 4 wheel alignment done twice now whilst replacing suspension components by D & G Porsche up at Silverlink in Newcastle. Great job both times and not too far from you straight through the Tyne tunnel
Wheel wobble at 65 sounds like balancing or ill fitting spacers.

Could be a buckle in the wheel even.
So I've had all the balancing checked on the wheels today and they are all spot on, the consensus of opinion is that it's the spacers which are causing the wobble, I had 5mm spacers fitted without a wobble but they caught the suspension, since the 7mm spacers have gone they clear but the issue has come about, the spacers are hubcentric so I'm at a loss as to what to do next, any ideas guys?
The 5mm spacers I got from design 911, 7mm ones came off eBay
Search for direnza 10mm spacers on eBay. They have a lip so should eliminate your wobble.
paul_mck said:
Search for direnza 10mm spacers on eBay. They have a lip so should eliminate your wobble.

Out of interest, how does the lip eliminate the wobble? I'm interested to know.

It centres the wheel properly using the wheel centre hole. Spacers without the lip rely on the wheel bolts to centre the wheel and there is a little wiggle room there.

D&G Porsche Specialists
Unit 2, The Riverside, Ambrose Pl, Wallsend,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 4LT

Dean and Gary will sort you out with whatever you need. I've used them for all my service work since 2014, they do a good job for a fair price :thumb:
I use D&G also, the car was in there a few weeks back, I felt I needed a specialist to set the car up, I was recommended AK automotive in Rowland's Gill, they apparently set up race cars etc.
Anyone used these guys?
My wife had said that she didn't notice any wobble when taking the car to the garage for me (I was busy with work and hadn't driven the car over 40mph since the spacers were fitted the other week) so I took the wheels off today thinking it might be that the +5mm bolts and standard length bolts had been mixed up and were causing the wheels to be unbalanced. Where the spacers are centred on the hub there is a chamfered edge on one side (I'm assuming this is to avoid the spacer not sitting flat as there was also a build up of light corrosion on the hub at that point), however the rebate was facing me when I took off the wheel so I've wire brushed and sanded the meeting points, re-fitted the spacers with the rebate inward and the wobble has gone.
They were refitted by opc following a brake fluid change who reported the issue initially saying it was due to non standard wheels and spacers being fitted to the car and may result in further damage to other components.

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